Five Reasons Why At-Home Pet Euthanasia Is Preferred By Pet Parents

It is often said that the hardest part of having a pet is saying goodbye. So it follows that deciding when and where to say goodbye is not easy. There are numerous resources for deciding when to euthanize a beloved dog or cat; not the least of which is speaking with your veterinarian. But perhaps you were not aware that location is an option when considering pet euthanasia. Many pet parents prefer to have the process done at home. Let’s explore five reasons why at-home euthanasia is preferred.

A Familiar and comfortable environment

When pets can spend their final moments surrounded by what is familiar, they are naturally more secure and at ease. None of us want our furry friend to experience the additional fear or anxiety that may accompany being in an environment with strange smells, sounds, sights, and lots of new people.

Reduced stress

Pets may become anxious or stressed while being transported to a veterinary clinic or pet hospital. Even pets who previously enjoyed outings or car rides may have difficulty being transported when they have reached the point where euthanasia is appropriate. At-home euthanasia eliminates this need for transport, in turn reducing stress and anxiety for the pet.

More quality time with family

Pet parents can spend more quality time with their cherished animals by having euthanasia done at home. At-home euthanasia allows the focus to remain on the pet, rather than the pet parent’s attention being diverted to navigating the comings and goings in a busy clinic. Additionally, there is no need for the pet to be separated from their family throughout the process. These extra moments are precious and can provide pet parents with a sense of closure and calm.


Euthanasia at home allows for greater privacy and intimacy for the family. Losing a beloved pet is a deeply personal and emotional experience. The privacy of the home allows pet parents to be authentically present as they grieve their loved one.


The process of euthanizing a pet is deeply personal and unique to each family. Having it done at home allows for a private and personalized setting where family members can share stories, light candles, play music, or do the other things that help them as they celebrate their pet’s life. It also makes space for family members who might not otherwise be able to be present, such as other pets or children. At-home euthanasia allows space for the pet’s final moments to reflect their life and the lives of those they most impacted.

At-home pet euthanasia may not be a fit for every pet parent nor an option for every pet. Your veterinarian should be consulted before deciding whether to have the procedure performed at home or at a veterinary facility. However, for pet owners who opt for at-home euthanasia, it can offer a peaceful and familiar setting for the animal reaching the end of their journey. Additionally, it offers the pet parent comfort and closure during this–the hardest part of having a pet.

Finding a veterinarian who is confident and skilled in doing at-home euthanasia is crucial and fortunately, many veterinarians provide this service. Throughout the process, the veterinarian will offer direction and encouragement and make sure that the pet's final moments are tranquil and dignified.

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is painful, but at-home euthanasia can provide comfort, reduced stress, more time with family, privacy, and a personalized experience. It is important to consult with a veterinarian to make the decision that is best for you, your family, and your pet.

-By Dr. Bethany Hsia, Co-founder of CodaPet

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