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Best Irish Dog Names

Ireland, not just a land of rolling green hills, ancient legends, and perhaps the world's most charming accents, but also home to some of the most delightful dog breeds. From the spirited Irish Setter to the dignified Irish Wolfhound, these dogs have personalities as rich as the folklore they spring from. Friendly, outgoing, mischievous, and loyal – these 4 words can describe both, Irish people and their beautiful dogs.  

Beauty is not the only thing these dogs are known for. Historically, these pups were more than just furry companions—they were vital to hunting, herding, and guarding. The Irish Wolfhound, for instance, whose job was to chase off wolves and protect homes. Irish Terrier, on the other hand, who became the farmer’s friend by being a thorough vermin killer. 

Now that we are naming these, we better capture all these qualities and make it worth your time to go through them. Let’s start! 

Celtic Dog Names

Scottish Terrier

Celtic dogs refer to the breeds historically associated with the Celtic regions of Europe, such as Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. They’ve been around for centuries and have made an impact on Celtic art and literature. All our lovely Irish dogs are a part of the Celtic fam. Apart from that, this fam also includes Scottish Terrier, Brittany Basset, Kerry Beagle, Bearded Collie and even the smartest dog of all time, Border Collie. (1)Okay, we know you’re waiting. Let’s get to the names. 

  • Shamrock – For your lucky charm

  • Finn McCool - After the legendary Irish giant.

  • Cú - Short for Cú Chulainn, the legendary Irish hero.

  • Haggis – A popular Scottish dish.

  • Fergus – Irish for ‘strong’ for your fit bud.

  • Wallace – William Wallace, strong and brave.

  • Dublin – for a sophisticated dog

  • Clover – Unique and luck!

Yes. We know these are for the male ones. We’ve got some great names for the ladies as well. 

  • Siobhan – For the elegant and sassy

  • Fiona – Your little princess

  • Maeve – The legendry warrior queen (or if you’re a Maeve fan from Sex Education)

  • Saoirse – For a free-spirited dog

  • Moira – Classic and charming (just like Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek)

  • Kerry – A beautiful region in Ireland

  • Brigid – The Celtic goddess of fire and poetry

  • Sorcha - Pronounced "Sur-ka," meaning "radiant" or "bright."

Gaelic Dog Names

Border Collie

Just like Celtic dogs came from a specific geography, Gaelic dogs refer to breeds associated with Gaelic-speaking regions, particularly Ireland and Scotland. Known for hunting, herding, and guarding, they are intelligent, loyal and come with a strong work ethic. Irish Wolfhound and the Scottish Terrier are two of them. 

While the above names can also sound great on them, here are some more for your Gaelic Dog - 

  • Celt – A cute short name

  • Guinness – Dark and smooth (not really referring to the dog here)

  • Pooka – For a mischievous one

  • Rowan - Strong and beautiful, like the rowan tree.

  • Shannon – The longest river in Ireland.

  • Duffy – For the one with a dark coat.

  • Phoenix – These dogs do have the same fiery spirit.

Top Dog Names in Ireland

Irish Wolfhound 

Yet couldn’t pick one? We can give you 1000 generic names, but would it do justice to your four-legged buddy? There should be some meaning to the names, right? Here’s our last list for you. 

  • Tartan - A nod to the traditional Scottish pattern.

  • Bagpipes – Only if your dog could sing along. (they will try to though)

  • Aisling - Meaning "dream" or "vision,"

  • Niamh - Pronounced "Neev," meaning "bright" and "radiant."

  • Finn – You asked for popular Irish names

  • Max – This name is not just popular in Ireland but the world.

  • Lola – For the lively and playful

If you yet can’t choose one, here’s our personal favorite –

  • Whiskey – or you could go with Scotch. Now that you’ve got an Irish dog, we know that you appreciate the finer things in life. 

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