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Yorkie Names

The Yorkie may be a small dog breed but do not be mistaken by their cute appearance as they have a big personality. These tiny munchkins are often adventurous and up to a little mischief. Let’s find out a little more about this breed. 

The breed dates back to the 19th century in the Yorkshire County of England. They are said to be a mix of different Scottish terrier breeds that were brought to Yorkshire by weavers who migrated to England. Their name is derived from the county name ‘Yorkshire’ itself. 

This small breed was bred to catch mice in mines and mills as well as hunt small animals like badgers and foxes. Their small size gave them an advantage. A fun fact is that these dogs transitioned from being work dogs to the fashion industry. Audrey Hepburn played a huge role in making them popular. She posed with her Yorkie, Mr Famous and made it to the covers of magazines. Audrey Hepburn is not the only one, other celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, etc. also have been proud owners of a Yorkie.

If you google a Yorkie, images of them in a bag, cup, or a tiny basket will pop up. These tiny pets are not just fashion icons, but they also serve as great companions. They are playful and energetic. They may require care, but which pet doesn’t? 

Now that you’ve got a short introduction to this breed, we can now move to the names for these dogs that best suit their personality.

Male Yorkie Names

Now that you have decided to get yourself these tiny fur balls. Here are a few Male Yorkie names to consider - 

  • Oxford – A classic British name that also connects to their origin.

  • Tracker – As we know these dogs were bred to catch rats and are great trackers. 

  • Elmer - A unique vintage name.

  • Beau – A French name for ‘handsome’.

  • Blue – For a Yorkie with a blue coat.

  • Benny – Short for benedict, meaning ‘blessed’.

  • Max– The greatest.

  • Simba– For the small lions that they are

  • Oliver– from the ‘Olive tree’.

  • Gizmo – Cause why not?

  • Benji – Just a fictional name.

  • Guinness – Beer fan anyone?

Adorable Yorkie names

Who doesn’t love to own a tiny dog that can fit right into your purse? Some names to consider that go with their little tiny appearance are -

  • Chester – For their chestnut-colored tan coat

  • Sugar – Just like their sweet little face 

  • Cocoa – This one also resembles the color of their coat

  • Cuby – Aren’t these small lion babies?

  • Skip – For their playful personality

  • Teddy – Cause that’s how adorable they are

Best Dog Names for Yorkies

If the above names weren't enough here are a few popular ones you can’t go wrong with - 

  • Scout

  • Ozzy

  • Lucy

  • Bella

  • Cleo

  • Rocky

  • Finn

  • Zoe

  • Pixie 

Some cooler names to consider for your Yorkie are as follows. Some of these may not have a meaning but they sound as adorable as your pet -

  • Maverick – For the bold one

  • Fonzi: A cool name inspired by the iconic character from Happy Days 

  • Mia – Just a short one

  • Slick – For the lovely hair they have

  • Ziggy – A funky one

  • Bentley – Sport cars fan?

The above options are great to get you started on what to name your cute furballs. Now that you have a direction, you can go wild with their names. Just make up some words and what do you know, you may come up with a cool and unique one!

Should I Get a Yorkie?

It is important to know about its lifestyle, genetics, diet requirements, training and other physical needs, grooming needs, etc. If you are yet to get this beautiful four-legged baby to your family, here’s a quick manual for these dogs.

  • Height – 7 – 8 inches; Weight – 6 – 8 pounds; Lifespan – 13 – 16 years.

  • Coat – A long, silky, single-layered coat is available in tan and black for these dogs. You may also find blue, gold and silver coat colors. 

  • Physical needs – Daily exercise is recommended for them. A few short walks a day may suffice.

  • Grooming needs – Their coat is similar to human hair and hence they require grooming. Their coat needs to be brushed daily to keep the tangles away. Their coat should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks by a professional groomer.

  • Diet requirements - Just like any other dog the Yorkie has a special dietary requirement based on their small size and enthusiastic nature. They should be given 1/4 to 1/2 cups of food per day. Their diet should include high-quality proteins, digestible carbohydrates, healthy fats, and essential nutrients to maintain their health. 

  • Health – Yorkies are generally considered to be healthy but due to their small stature they can be prone to a few health conditions like Patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, liver shunt, and hypoglycaemia. It’s best to take them for regular check-ups to prevent these conditions.

  • Eye care - Yorkies often collect a large amount of debris at the corners of their eyes. Wiping their eyes with a wet cloth or using a saline solution daily will help prevent buildup.

  • Ear care – Cleaning the ears every 2-4 weeks is recommended to prevent ear infections. 

A fun fact about Yorkies is that they are also called “Tomboy toys” due to their tiny physique and big courage. There is no reason for you to not get this breed. They are not only great companions but also intelligent and sporty. 

If you are looking for a dog that fits in your house, palm, and purse then they are a perfect choice!

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