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Can Cats Eat French Fries?

When it comes to junk food, we all love drooling over them. Whether it’s a slice of cheesy pizza or quick and snackable french fries, we all indulge from time to time. What if our pet cat joins in too? Is it okay to share your junk food with cats? Can cats eat french fries? We are often puzzled by such questions, so why not get an answer to them? From whether your cat can eat french fries to healthy eating tips, let's learn it all here.

Is It Okay If Cats Eat French Fries?

The short answer is no. Cats should not eat french fries to help avoid health risks. While french fries won’t instantly be toxic to your cat’s health, fries can work as a slow poison over time and could also give your cat an upset stomach.

While some studies may suggest the nutritional benefits of french fries, they are few in comparison to potential health risks involving high calories, high fats, and high sodium levels.

Potatoes are high in carbs that are hard for your cat to break down easily. This means they store the carbs in their body for longer, keeping them feeling fuller. While this has been shown to help protect against weight gain in humans at times, it's always best to avoid fried food for your cat.

Are French Fries Bad for Your Cat?

While a single fry shouldn’t hurt your cat, it's the excessive amount of fries that can lead to salt poisoning or other health conditions in cats.

The good side of potatoes for cats could be the antioxidants present in them that help prevent tissue damage. Potatoes are also a good source of Vitamin C and B6 which repair wounds and support immunity. But some other fruits and veggies are better and safer options to choose from instead of deep-fried veggies.

Do Cats Like French Fries?

Cats are extremely moody when it comes to food and can either hate or love anything their humans feed them. With that said, if your cat has polished off a major share of your french fries, it probably means they loved it. However, it is crucial to remember the health risks of feeding fries to your cat. With higher levels of salts and fats, it is best to never offer french fries to your cat.

If you do give your cat a nibble, avoid heavily seasoned french fries as it could lead to salt-poisoning. If you can see your cat going through discomfort or pain, you should consult your vet for help.

Can I Serve Uncooked French Fries to My Cat?

French fries made of white potatoes are full of solanine which is extremely toxic for your cat. Uncooked fries are toxic for cats as it's the cooking process that decreases the toxicity in potatoes. However, frozen, store-bought french fries that are pre-cooked are a safer option.

Potato toxicity can cause symptoms including:

  • Stomach pain

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Seizures

  • Lethargy

  • Discomfort

If you know your cat has nibbled on french fries and notice any of the symptoms listed above, you should take them to your vet immediately.

Can I Give My Cat Potato Chips?

While it’s not recommended that you serve potato chips to your cat, it’s always possible for them to try some on their own. In any case, potato chips are unhealthy for cats and can be equally toxic as they can be heavily salted.

Even just a few chips are loaded with carbs that your cat does not need to ingest. At the end of the day, potatoes in every form contain saturated fats which are harmful to your cat and can lead to weight gain among other health issues.

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While cats may like to eat french fries, it is recommended you do not feed them any. It is may be tempting to feed them a share of your favorite foods, but there are far healthier options they can try instead. If your cat does get into some of your french fries and shows signs of nausea or discomfort, it’s best to take them to a vet and seek medical help immediately.


The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.

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