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Best White Dog Names

White dogs define another level of beauty. From the regal elegance of the Samoyed to the playful mischief of the West Highland White Terrier, white dogs have mesmerized humans through the ages. When you have one at your house, it feels like you have your personal fluffy cloud. And just like rain, the dog showers happiness, love and affection to everyone around. 

Among all the dogs with a white coat, some breeds only come in white. One look at them and you’ll know why they are one of the most expensive dog breeds out there. Samoyed, Maltese, West Highland White Terrier, American Eskimo, Bichon Frise, Great Pyrenees, Coton de Tulear, Bolognese, and the Japanese Spitz are some examples of such breeds. You may fall in love with the looks at first, but once you get to know them, they’ll give you a hundred other reasons to love them more. And each one of them comes with its own unique personality. 

Let’s find a name for your beauty icon -

White Female Dog Names

A small fluffy white dog runs on a grassy field.

5Ladies first, always. The coat color does not dictate specific differences between male and female dogs. But let’s give it to the ladies. When it comes to beauty, they do win more hearts. And this is not just about dogs (if you’re thinking the writer is a female, he’s not)t

On that note, here are some great names for your white little fairy – 

  • Pearl – As precious as one.

  • Snowflake – ever seen one under a microscope? 

  • Bianca – Italian for white.

  • Sugar – For your sweet little pup. (P.S. We are not listing random white things. It’s a cute name)

  • Elsa – The Ice Queen

  • Chardonnay - Sophisticated and refined, like a fine white wine.

  • Frostine - A fairy who brings frost and cold, adding a magical touch to winter landscapes.

  • Eira - Welsh for snow.

  • Seraphina - Hebrew for "fiery ones," symbolizing purity and divine beauty.

  • Lumi - "Snow" or "Light" in Finnish, for the dog that will brighten up your life.

  • Thalassa - Greek for "sea,"

  • Astra - Latin for "star". For yours. 

All White Male Dog Names


White male dogs, a timeless grace,

Elegant beings, in every embrace.

Their beauty, a canvas of divine art,

Forever etched in a dog lover's heart.

Here are some great names for such beautiful and elegant white male dogs –

  • Cotton – Or you could go with ‘Cotton Candy’ 

  • Alaska – Imagine your dog in the snowy landscapes of it.

  • Polaris – The North Star, guiding light of your life. 

  • Marshmallow – It’ll be difficult to decide which is softer. 

  • Vanilla – Loved by all (almost).

  • Ice – For the one that cools your heart.

Want to go Hollywood on this one? How about - 

  • Casper

  • Neo

  • Bolt

  • Snowden

  • Jack Frost or just Frost

  • Pongo

  • Olaf

Big White Dog Names

Afghan Hound

Now we are talking size and elegance – a deadly combination, we must say. Here are some names that can justify your big white dog.

  • Polar

  • Moby

  • Cloud

  • Everest

  • Blizzard 

  • Arctic

  • Glacier

  • Nimbus 

Or you could go the opposite way and name your dog ‘Sirius’. Potterhead anyone? 

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