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Top 30 Names For Black Dogs in 2024

So, you’re thinking about adopting a dog or you recently have Got yourself a new furever friend but don’t know what to name them? No worries. – We have a variety of ideas to inspire you. Whether you have a Black Lab, Russian Terrier, Scottish Terrier, or Pug, we have a name for your black-coated dog. You may also be interested in Japanese Terrier

Black dogs are sweet and kind. Your children may love having a pup to play with in your home during the puppy-phase, too.

With National Black Dog Day on October 1, we deemed it fitting to compile a list of the best black dog names for you to choose from in the year 2024. Take a look and enjoy finding a name for your new best friend.

Black Female Dog Names

Your new female black dog or black puppy is bound to be your new favorite family member. You may find it difficult to come up with a cool dog name for them before you uncover their personality and quirks. Don’t fret, we’ve come up with the best name ideas for black dogs.

Here are the top 15 girl dog names for black dogs for 2024, with meaning and explanation for each name:

  1. Artemis – The Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis is also known for ruling over the moon.

  2. Ebony – The name Ebony literally means “black”.

  3. Oreo – This is the perfect name for a black and white dog, but you can still get away with naming your black dog it too.

  4. Dahlia – Even though dahlias are colorful, the imagery of a black dahlia is often used as a symbol of death or murder like the 1940 Black Dahlia Murder, but that doesn’t mean this name will attract that kind of bad juju.

  5. Luna – Another word for the moon

  6. Elvira – Mistress of the Dark

  7. Layla – The name Layla means “night” and is an excellent name for a larger black female dog, like a Black Lab or German Shepherd.

  8. Raven – Ravens are large all-black birds, an excellent name for larger and smaller female dogs with black fur.

  9. Nisha – This name also means “night” in Sanskrit.

  10. Nova – Nova is a star reference to a large burst of light in the inky blackness of space.

  11. Nyx – Nyx in Greek mythology is the personification of night and chaos

  12. Pepper – Pepper without salt makes a cute simple name for a black dog and an adorable name for a puppy.

  13. Stella – The name means “star,” which can only be seen at night.

  14. Midnight – A classic name for a black dog or puppy.

  15. Darcy – An Irish name meaning “dark”, Darcy is an excellent name for a larger female dog with black fur.

Black Male Dog Names

A male black dog makes a great addition to a family. Small or great, black dogs of all shapes and sizes can find comfort in having some of the best dog names out there.

Here are the 15 best black dog names for male dogs in 2024, with meaning and explanation for each dog name:

  1. Shadow – One of the best black dog names, Shadow is a name that never goes out of style.

  2. Smoky – Smoke is black; need we say more?

  3. Ash – See the explanation given for the name Smoky. This name is great for a black lab or a larger male dog with black fur.

  4. Onyx – An excellent name for a black dog, Onyx is a precious stone that is shiny and black.

  5. Bear – This is a perfect name for a big black dog resembling a big black bear.

  6. Flint – Flint is historically used to start fires, and although the rock is not black, it creates fires that often produce lots of smoke.

  7. Jett – Have you heard the phrase “Jet black”? The name Jett is a spin-off of that phrase.

  8. Kuro – This name is the Japanese word for “black” and unique for black dogs.

  9. Licorice – You may not like the candy, but the name is good enough for any black dog.

  10. Nash – The name “Nash” is a star in the constellation Sagittarius.

  11. Sable – This name is also another word for black.

  12. Vader – A cool Star Wars villain name for an excellent black dog and Star Wars fan dog parent.

  13. Coal – However you want to spell it (Cole), coal is always charred black.

  14. Kylo – The most recent addition from the modern Star Wars movies.

  15. Carbon – Known for being in the likes of diamonds and graphite, naming your black pup Carbon showcases their abundance for all things in life.

Did one of the names listed above inspire you? We hope you were able to find a name for your new best friend! These names can fit most dark-colored dogs, but it’s most important to choose a name that you think fits your dog’s personality, too.

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