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Why did the dog sit in the shade? 

(Take 5 seconds and think)






Because he didn't want to be a hot dog!

Good one, right? But when you have a dog at your house, you probably won’t need such jokes to make you laugh. From their uncontrollable tail-chasing antics, bewildered looks, exaggerated expressions, goofy behavior, weird sleeping positions to even trying to copy us, it’s like you’ve got a four-legged comedian in the house. (and where you have free access to all the live shows).

Here are some really funny names for such Chaplins!

Funny Male Dog Names

Photo of a German Shepherd Sitting on Grass
  • Hugh Jass – Is yours a Kardashian breed?

  • Dick Trickle – That’s a name of a real race car driver. 

  • Brock Lee – For the fitness enthusiasts

  • Justin Case – Just in case you like it.

  • Pat Myback – Good doggie!

  • Santa Paws – Whoof Whoof Whoof!

  • Winston Furchill - Never, never, never give up on your dog.

  • Nacho – It would be really funny when you call your dog near a group of Indians.

  • Pawblo Escobar – The rug lord. 

Here are some more that don’t need any explanations – 

  • Sir Waggington 

  • Barksalot

  • Pawtrick

  • Fuzz Aldrin

  • Chewbacca

  • K9

Funny Female Dog Names

Photo Detailing a Yorkie Playing with a Ball

For the funny ladies out there, here are some cool and funny name options – 

  • Barkira – For the bark queen

  • Wagalina Jolie – And then you can get a male one and name it ‘Wag Pitt’ maybe? 

  • Sandy Paws – We had to have one name for ‘Santa Paws’.

  • Madame Furie – Or Marie Furie, whichever you like. 

  • Queen Elizabark – Your cat anyways thinks of herself as one, might as well give the name.

  • Rosa Barks – All you need to do is call your dog and people will automatically move away from her.

Now the ones that need no explanation (nor the ones above, but okay) 

  • Frida Pawlo 

  • Taylor Sniff  

  • Whiskerina 

  • Barkoncé

  • Wigglebottom

  • Cleocatra 

Funny Bulldog Names 

A French Bulldog looks at a cup of coffee.

So, you’ve got the bodybuilder of the canine world – Bulldog, home. Ideally, the name would have to suit those muscles. But now that we are talking about funny names, here you go – 

  • Wheezy – For the snuffling and breathing sounds.

  • Squat – Doesn’t it look like that they’re always squatting?

  • Dogzilla – The mini version

  • Tank – As strong as one but as big? 

  • Snorlax – You will soon realize their love for lounging

  • Barkley – They can be really loud

  • Meatball – Round and solid

And our personal favorite - 

  • Bulldozer – A Bulldog that loves dozing off. 

Funny Cavapoo Names

Cavoodle Cavapoo Cavalier King Charles

The heirs of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles, Cavapoos are quite affectionate, playful and adorable with their curly coats and expressive faces. Here are some names for them that can bring a laugh to people’s faces – 

  • Poo – We aren’t adding another ‘P’ at the end, so…

  • Curly Sue – Could there be more curls?

  • Fuzz Lightyear - House-Ranger

  • Cavapoochino – This way you won’t have to answer, ‘Which breed is your dog?’

  • Curlzilla – Gods of curls

  • Como Ca Va – More like ‘How curly are you?’

Or you could add a funny world behind ‘Cava’ and make up your own name. 

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1.)Stregowski, J. (2024, May 20). Common dog diseases and health issues. The Spruce Pets.

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