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Meaningful Names for Male Dogs 


Picking your dog’s name can be a challenge: you want it to be something that just clicks and fits them perfectly! Our dogs are a special part of our lives; we see them as a part of the family, which is probably why we put so much effort into naming them. 

You might find thousands of suitable dog name ideas on the Internet. You might want something special and meaningful to you given how important your dog is to you, it’s only natural.  

A good way to find a truly special name is to understand the meaning of male dog names and pick one that is personal to you and your family. Keep reading to discover male dog names with great meanings! 

Even popular dog names have meaning behind them if you research the origin of the name. According to Rover’s database of dogs, below are the top five most popular male dog names for 2021, and their meaning: 

  • Max. Max is the short form of the name Maximilian or Maxwell. The Latin roots of this name translate to “greatest.” Who doesn’t love that for a dog? 

  • Charlie. A name derived from the long-form of Charles; this is a popular choice. Derived from its English roots, this name means “free man!” Anyone who has owned a crazy and bubbly puppy will agree that this is a perfect meaning! 

  • Milo. An adorable choice – this name has a meaning that is debated, however. Its Germanic meaning is “soldier.” However, its Slavic meaning is “merciful” or “gracious.”  

  • Buddy. This one is not hard to figure out – Buddy is a colloquial term in the USA for a friend. Dogs are great friends and therefore this name sticks!  

  • Rocky. Although this name may bring boxing stars and high energy to mind, Rocky comes from English roots which mean “rest.” Dogs do love a good nap, after all! 

Meanings of Unusual Dog Names 

If none of the typical male dog names feel right for your pooch, there are plenty of unique options out there. When choosing a unique or unusual name, it may be derived from a different culture or language.  

It’s important to understand the meanings behind these names so you do not disrespect anyone’s culture. You can also choose a name that is derived from your heritage for a more special meaning. 

There are so many beautiful, unique dog names out there! Keep reading below to see some of our favorite unusual male dog names and learn about their meanings. 


Axel is a downright cool name for your male pup! Axel is of Scandinavian origin and derived from the Hebrew name Absalom. This name might sound hard-core, but it’s got a sweet meaning. Axel means “father of peace.” The singer for Guns ‘N Roses is named Axl Rose, so this is perfect for peace-seeking dog parents or rock-n-roll lovers. 


Unique, masculine and distinct – this name is a great choice for your male dog. It has a long history! It traces back to a word from the Middle Ages that translates to “badger.” These feisty nocturnal animals are not so different from a rambunctious puppy! 


Adorable and distinct – Baloo is an unusual name that is sure to bring a smile. Derived from the Hindi word bhālū, the name Baloo translates to “bear!” You might remember Baloo as the name of the bear from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” 


Calling all mystery lovers: Cypher may be the perfect name for your dog! This name typically means a message written in a secret code or a secret method of writing. Cypher is a name that’s unusual in humans, so there’s not a lot of research on its origins. Some say it may be Celtic. Whatever the origin, it’s original and catchy! 


This name is unique and fun. It could have two meanings depending on your interpretation. Dozer could be seen as short for bulldozer. Anyone who’s had a dog knows sometimes they can resemble a bulldozer with their high-energy play! Dozer could also be defined as the short form for doze, a word meaning to nap or sleep lightly. Puppies do a lot of that, too!  


Distinguished and classy, this name could be perfect for your male pooch. Elwood is a name of English origin that means “from the old wood forest.” A beautiful and mythical name for your pup. 


Short, sweet, and easily distinguishable from other words – this dog name is a win. This name has Hawaiian roots and is considered a unisex name. It means “lord,” “master,” or “overseer”… Your dog will love their prestigious title!  


Bookworm? This literary name was popularized through “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. The roots go back way before Salinger wrote the novel, though. It’s a name of English origin that means “from the hollow in the valley.” Holden is a classic and fun dog name. 


Unique and distinct, the name Irving is a great choice. Tracing back its roots, Irving is a name of English origin meaning “green water.”  


Is this your second dog? If so, consider naming him Jiro. Jiro is a name of Japanese origin meaning “second son.” This name is very popular in Japan – and is not strictly for a second son! Simple, interesting, and fun, it’s a great dog name. 


Kylo is derived from “caelum,” the Latin word for sky. Kylo is also the child of Princess Leia and Han Solo in Star Wars. Kylo is a great dog name for stargazers and Star Wars fans alike! 


Luxor is a name that will make your male dog feel like a prince. Luxor is derived from Arabic, meaning “the palaces” or “castles.” It gets its meaning from the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor, which was once the capital. 


Many might be familiar with the story of Midas. This king’s touch turned everything into gold, and that’s what the name means. It’s also a great name for a dog who will surely touch every piece of your heart! 

…And many more!  

Did you like these dog names? You can find plenty more here on Pawleaks’ list of the 300 most unique male dog names! 


The options are endless when naming your male dog. You can be as unique or plain as you’d like. After all, it’s only you and your family who need to enjoy the name because you’ll be saying it a lot! Hopefully, this article gave you some good ideas and taught you something new about dog name meanings. Happy naming! 



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