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Strong Dog Names for Your Pet

Looks like you’re looking for a name that’ll make your pup feel like they could wrestle a bear or pull a truck. Before we get to it, here are some interesting strong dog facts that will blow your mind.

  • The Alaskan Malamute is one of the strongest dog breeds in the world. Adult males can pull up to 12 times their own body weight. (1)

  • They are also built to withstand arctic temperatures as low as -70°F. Yes, 70 Degrees below 0. (1)

  • In Ancient Rome, Mastiffs wore armor and were used to attack mounted knights. 

  • Greyhounds can beat cheetahs in a race. While cheetahs can run twice as fast as Greyhounds, they can only maintain that 70 mph speed for about thirty seconds. A Greyhound can maintain a 35-mph speed for about seven miles. (2)

How’s that for a strong, fast and resilient living species? From German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Irish Wolfhounds to Rottweilers, American Pit Bull Terrier, Chow Chow, Great Danes, Dobermans and more – there are many dog breeds out there that can beat you easily in strength competitions. And now that you’ve got one home, the competition’s opening announcement better sound good. So here are some great names for your strong dog!

Strong Male Dog Names

Siberian Husky
  • Thor – Marvel fan?

  • Brutus – Strong and imposing

  • Bruiser – That’s what he can give you in the fight

  • Ares – The Greek God of War

  • Cannon – Strong and explosive

  • Steel – Superdog

  • Hulk – But please don’t paint your dog green for this.

Or if you’re a WWE fan - 

  • Orton – RKO

  • Goldberg 

  • Edge

  • Brock

  • Cena

  • Hunter  (Did you know that HHH stands for Hunter Hearst Helmsley?)

Strong Female Dog Names

Irish Wolfhound

The males must be bigger in size and weight but doesn’t mean the female canines are not strong. It is not unusual for stronger dogs to be pushed around by weaker dogs that are dominant which may make them appear to lack strength. Many wild dog packs are led by a female who is not the largest. Strength comes in various forms. 

Here are some names for your lady boss!

  • Athena – Greek goddess of war

  • Katniss – For the strength of Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games,

  • Leia – Not just a princess but also a strong leader

  • Lyra - Brightest star in the constellation

  • Selena – Not for Gomez but for the Greek Goddess of the Moon (do go ahead if you are a Gomez fan though)

  • Sir - Norse goddess of her strength and loyalty.

  • Nymeria - Arya Stark's direwolf (Game of Thrones fans, anyone?)

Male Dog Names Meaning Protector

Your dog is not just going to be the protector of your house but also of your happiness and moods. Here are some great names for the four-legged protector of your life!

  • Oscar – Not for the award but its meaning ‘divine spear’.

  • Leo – Brave and protective like a lion

  • Wolf - They are fiercely protective of their pack. You are now part of one.

  • Raymond – Means a wise protector

  • Aidan – For the fiery one

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  • Kennel cough

  • Urinary Tract infections

  • Parvovirus

  • Dental problems

  • Obesity, etc. 

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