New Year’s Resolutions: Pet Edition

We humans are big on making New Year’s Resolutions: ways in which we’re going to be healthier, happier, friendlier, more productive, and everything else in the coming year. We don’t always follow through with our resolutions, but it’s still a nice exercise for assessing where you are and how you want to live.

This year at the Spot office, we’ve been wondering what kind of resolutions our pets might make. Here’s what we came up with…


Assistant to SPOT’s Digital Analyst
A dog with its tongue out sits on lush green grass.
  1. Keep fertilizing the golf course

  2. Drink less water

  3. Clear a 5ft vertical jump

  4. Stop rolling in the sand at the beach

  5. Learn to use the doggy-door


Assistant to SPOT’s President
A golden retriever wearing a white bandana with black polka dots sits indoors.
  1. Stop eating food off the counters

  2. Get more exercise

  3. Don’t bark at every moving thing outside the house

  4. Share the bed with mom

  5. Learn to swim in the ocean

Tucker & Penny

Assistants to SPOT’s Accountant
Two dogs lying on a patterned rug each with a bone-shaped chew toy.
  1. Bark at actual threats

  2. Stop counter surfing

  3. Visit dog park

  4. Hunt lizards

  5. Observe personal space aka. “unvelcro”


Assistant to SPOT’s Office Manager
A small scruffy dog with pointy ears lounges on a black chair.
  1. Stop killing squirrels

  2. Let mommy sleep in on the weekends

  3. Share the pillows

  4. Learn to play with other dogs


Assistant to SPOT’s Content Strategist
A brown dog wearing a white and black bandana sits in the back seat of a car with its mouth open.
  1. Eat all the white rice

  2. Defeat neighbor’s cats

  3. Work on my “heel”

  4. Go on daily car rides

  5. Overcome separation anxiety


Assistant to SPOT’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager
A black dog is lying on a bed with a laptop open in the background.
  1. Stop hoarding treats

  2. Shed less

  3. Lay anywhere but in the dirt

  4. Exercise more

  5. Be Mom’s shadow 24/7


Assistant to SPOT’s Project Manager
A fluffy black and white cat with bright green eyes looks directly at the camera.
  1. Stop using furniture as a scratching post

  2. Cut down on treats and cat nip

  3. Get more floofy haircuts

  4. Start cardboard box collection

  5. Less time sleeping and more time playing


Assistant to SPOT’s Partner Manager
A white rabbit with black spots sits on carpet in a black wire enclosure.
  1. Eat more

  2. Sleep more

  3. Poop more

Some of you already shared your pet’s New Year’s resolutions on our Instagram, we’re loving the creativity!

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