Pet Safety

What’s In A Pet Emergency Kit?

How To Create A Pet Emergency Kit

Emergency response teams recommend keeping pet information and a pet emergency kit at-the-ready in case of the unexpected. Be it natural disasters, pandemics, or other life surprises, make sure your pet is ready to roll with the punches, too.

1. Contact information for a family member or friend, essentially a back-up who can care for your pets in case of an emergency.

2. An emergency kit tailored specifically to your pet so it’s prepared prior to an emergency situation.

3. Your pet’s collar or harness with ID tag, rabies tag, and leash together.

4. Your pet’s crate, food, medications and extra supplies.

5. Documentation of any medications and supplements with directions on how to administer.

6. Familiar comfort items, such as treats, toys and bedding, which can help reduce stress for your pet.

7. Add a garment or blanket with your scent on it to calm your pet in unfamiliar surroundings.

8. Make sure that the address and phone number with your pet’s microchip are up-to-date and also include contact information for your emergency contact.

9. Save and print your Pet Preparedness Plan. Keep a copy on you or your phone and one with your emergency kit. Also make sure to give a copy to your pet’s emergency contact, other family members or neighbors, as well as your veterinarian.

10. Be prepared for unexpected costs in treating your pet during an emergency by purchasing a Pet Insurance policy customized just for you.

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