English Mastiff

English Mastiff


The English Mastiff or popularly known as the Mastiff is a huge but sweet and gentle breed of dogs.

Lifetime Care

Breed Profile


28 – 30



160 – 230


Life Span

8 – 12




Hip or Elbow Dysplasia

of dogs

What is it?:

This genetic health issue is the one where the hip or elbow joints loosens up which causes dysfunction and pain. Over time, this may result into arthritis, muscle atrophy and limitations in mobility

Clinical signs

  • Staying in bed instead of going out

  • Decreased range of motion

  • Difficulty or reluctance in climbing stairs, rising up, jumping or running

  • Loss of muscle mass in the thighs

  • Noticeable enlargement of the shoulder muscles as they compensate for the hind end

  • Flinches when the lower back muscles are touched


Treatments may include chiropractic therapy and surgery

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The sheer size of it makes it a powerful breed of dogs.


Despite their size, these dogs are known to be very gentle around other dogs and people


These dogs love to be around their family members and be a part of every activity they do. They are very cheerful especially around kids.

Lifetime Care


The coat is a dual one with short straight outer one and a dense shorter undercoat


These dogs come in a limited number of colors including brindle, apricot and fawn. The muzzle, nose, ears, and eye rims are dark, the blacker the better. There may be a small patch of white on the chest.




You should be brushing your Mastiff weekly with a normal rubber brush and daily during spring and fall shedding season. Nails, ears and teeth however should be maintained periodically.


The younger Mastiffs are more active and hence can be trained more but its important to limit the activities like jumping, long walks, catch, etc. that could damage their bones. Mastiffs are known to hide their pain and please the owners

The origins of the Mastiff dog go way back and is one of the descendants of the anicient Molosser breed which originated in the northern part of India or Tibet. Originally, they were used to guard flocks from predators in the high passes. The Tibetan Mastiffs, Rotweillers and the Saint Bernards are like cousins to them. The history is not limited to India or Tibet though as there are ancient scriptures found in Babylonia and classical Greek civilizations. They have been known to pitted against lions as well. The modern day English Mastiff was created to guard estates and patrol the grounds at night.

English Mastiff: Introduction to the Breed

The breed makes excellent family dogs due to their love and affection side. However, it is always better to do know as much as possible about a breed before bringing them home.

English Mastiff Dogs are generally:

  • Gentle and patient

  • Non-aggressive and quiet

  • Great watch dogs

  • Companions and guardians

  • Cuddly

English Mastiffs are best suited for –

  • First time dog owners

  • City apartment type setting household

  • People who like to get clingy and cuddly with their dogs

  • Families with older kids (With toddlers it can be a little difficult because of its size)

Health Risks for a Mastiff Puppy

Apart from the above-mentioned common health problems, these dogs are also prone to some other health related issues which can give them a lot of pain and in some cases permanent damage.

  • Just like any other big dog, they are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia

  • This breed is also prone to a form of skin infection called lip-fold pyoderma. The folds of skin along the lower jaw are usually moist. Due to that, bacteria and yeast can develop there and the smelly area becomes uncomfortable for your dog.

  • Osteosarcoma – a type of bone cancer is also evident in these dogs which affects around 8 to 10 thousand Mastiffs in the USA.

  • The Mastiff breed is also susceptible to breathing problems because of some physical abnormalities like narrow nostrils or a small wind pipe that compresses easily.

There is one life threatening condition which Mastiffs are prone to called Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Things to watch-out before deciding to own a English Mastiff

There are a few cautions that you need to know before deciding to adopt a Mastiff

  • They may not be very great with other dogs or even your own pets at home especially if they are smaller in size as the sheer size of these dogs will scare them and can lead to aggression

  • These dogs can be on the expensive side including its initial purchase and the later care.

  • They require a specific kind of a diet to keep up with their huge bulk which can be steep on the budget for some families

  • They can be really stubborn at times during trainings or other activities making it difficult for them to teach obedience

  • They shed a lot. Although not hypoallergenic, the hair lying around your house can be a task all the time

  • They also happen to drool more than usual. So be ready to carry a napkin / towel around often

  • Due to their size, supervision may be needed around young children

  • With excitement you might want to lift your pup at several occasions but their huge bulk can come at an expense of your back. So make sure you ‘lift’ before you lift.


Looking for a big giant but gentle dog then the Mastiff is the one for you. A calm and not so loud dog, welcoming and easy going on strangers and other pets, a Mastiff is a keeper. Excellent watch dogs just not when it comes to biting strangers which can be a good thing because you don’t want to hurt every stranger trying to enter your house. Some might be just coming in to deliver your Amazon parcel. Just a little heavy on your wallet but if you’re getting a Mastiff home, you are in for a lot of love, affection, protection and cuddles.