Wagmo Pet Insurance Plans Vs. Spot Pet Insurance Plans Comparison

Wagmo Pet Insurance Plans Vs. Spot Pet Insurance Plans Comparison

The article aims at providing an exhaustive list of benefits that are covered by Spot plan options and comparing them to the ones covered by Wagmo plans. Choose wisely!

Spot Pet Insurance Vs Wagmo Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help when our pets get sick or injured. It reimburses policyholders for eligible vet bills. There are several illnesses like cataracts, skin infections, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, GDV, cherry-eye, IBD, etc. which can affect our pets. We might be able to control where our pets go and what they do most of the time, but we can’t control how and when these illnesses will affect our pets. This is when accident & illness pet insurance helps on a rainy day.

It's essential to choose a pet insurance provider who cares about the pet and the pet parents both and understands the challenges they go through at the time of illness. You need someone who is not looking for a way to just earn from you and finds every reason in the book to delay or reject the claims at the time of need.

There are certain things that you should have on your checklist before finalizing the pet insurer:

  • Deductibles

  • Faster claims

  • Annual coverage

  • Exclusions

  • Attitude and empathy of the company

  • Friendly and transparent policies

Spot Pet insurance thrives on customer satisfaction. We believe that the best pet insurance for you is the one that lets you sleep at peace at night, knowing that your pet is insured and covered.

There are several providers offering pet insurance plans with a lot of similar benefits and a lot of different ones as well. The differences can be in terms of coverage, premium costs, claim processes, additional benefits, etc. We at Spot Pet insurance have never shied away from comparing the plans we offer to several plans offered by other providers in the industry. The reason is that if we are good at what we do, everyone should know, and if we are not good at something, then we need to learn and improve on the same.

Our mission is to make it as easy and transparent as possible for you, as a responsible and loving pet parent, to go through the insurance claim process because we know that the sickness of your pet is already making you feel low and sad.

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Prescription Foods

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Exam Fees

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Alternative Therapies

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Behavioral Issues

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Chronic Conditions

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No Upper Age Limit

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One Annual Deductible

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Hereditary & Congenital Conditions

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Dental Illness

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Preventive Care

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Multi Pet Discount

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Comparison information is provided using publicly available information as of 10/18/2022 and is only meant to summarize program features, not a specific plan. Review the provider’s plan terms for more details. The description of the providers’ plans is not provided by that company. If you have questions about other plans, please contact an agent of that company. It is our intention to provide fair and accurate comparison information. We attempt to keep the information up to date but it may change from time to time. If you are aware of any inaccuracies or changes in the information provided, let us know by emailing marketing@spotpet.com.

Spot Pet Insurance Plans vs. Wagmo Plans

This article compares Wagmo Insurance plans to Spot Pet Insurance plans. And here are some areas of where they differ:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We understand that you may be getting insurance for the first time for your pet. We at Spot offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t feel it is the right one for you. (but we don't think that will be the case). The 30-day money-back guarantee is available if no covered claims have been filed but isn’t available in New York.

But Wago does not offer a money-back guarantee at all.

Prescription Diets & Dietary Supplements

At Spot, the plans we offer cover the diets when prescribed by a vet for treating a covered medical condition. Prescription foods and supplements for general maintenance or weight loss are not covered.

Neither prescription foods nor supplements are covered by Wagmo plans.

Microchip Implantation

In the US, the chances of pets getting lost can be high at times, especially during natural disasters like storms, floods, hurricanes, etc. Most dogs have a much better chance of getting back to their owners with a microchip installed, the chance of the pet and pet parent being reunited increases by up to 80% if the pet is microchipped. Microchipping may cost between $30 and $50, and pricing varies by location. Spot plans include coverage of microchip implantation in all core plans. Wagmo plans don’t.

Preventive Care Requirements

Spot plans don’t have preventive care requirements that must be satisfied to cover some illnesses, which some other providers’ plans like Wagmo do.

Accident-Only Plan Option

We believe that pet owners should have the option to customize the plan however they want. If you don’t feel like getting your pet insured for sicknesses, but only for injuries and accidents then we’ve got an option for you as well. Wagmo doesn’t offer such a plan.

The above pointers are some ways that both providers’ plan options differ. There are some common offerings as well, that you as a parent can benefit from with both providers’ plan options. These include –

  • Alternative Therapies – Even pets can be treated with acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy, hydrotherapy, and low-level laser therapy. We would love it if your pet could be treated without medications and hence even cover those eligible charges in the plan. Both providers offer plan options that cover alternative therapies that are prescribed to treat covered conditions.

  • Preventive Care Coverage Option – They say prevention is the best cure. We say yes, it is. Hence, we offer a preventive care coverage option for an extra cost. This is where the eligible treatments for avoiding illnesses would be covered by the insurance. Certain vaccines, dental cleaning, deworming, and certain blood tests can be covered by Spot’s preventive care coverage options.

  • Exam Fees – Routine annual exam fees are not covered here by both providers’ core plans, but the exam fees for covered conditions would be covered by the policies.

  • Behavioral Issues - This is something that may feel temporary but can be quite severe. Excessive licking is an example of such an illness. Spot and Wagmo accident & illness plans both cover the eligible costs for the treatments for behavioral problems.

  • Multiple Pet Discount – Around 17% of the people in the US own more than 1 dog. Many households own both a cat and a dog. Now you would, of course, get insurance for all your pets. And for that, you should have some benefits for getting multiple policies. Spot offers a 10% multi-pet discount on every additional pet insured. So does Wagmo.

  • Hereditary and congenital conditions - neurologic illnesses, eye illnesses, heart illnesses, skeletal muscle illnesses, cryptorchidism, and hip and elbow illnesses are some of the hereditary conditions that dogs can possess. Accident & illness plans offered by both providers cover the costs of eligible treatments for such diseases.

  • Dental Illnesses – Our canine pets are infamous for having several dental illnesses in their lifetime. And they can be costly as well. Spot accident & illness plans cover dental illnesses and tooth extractions for dental accidents.

  • Chronic Conditions – Chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, etc. which need a prolonged care routine, are covered by accident & illness plans offered by both Spot and Wagmo.

  • Specialists – Your pet can run into some condition that needs immediate treatment from a licensed specialist. The plans we offer cover the eligible costs for treatments prescribed to treat covered conditions that are performed by licensed specialists.

  • Upper age limit – You may have heard a no from several providers for getting the pet insured if the age is on the upper side. Because usually, the higher the age, the higher the chances for illnesses. But at Spot and Wagmo, the plans we offer do not have any upper age limit to get your pet insured. We believe that the need for insurance in old age of the pet is more.

This list is an exhaustive one of some benefits that Spot pet insurance plan options would cover. For us, it is extensive benefits for the pets and pet parents and minimum hassle while filing for claims. There are some benefits that Spot plans cover when compared to Wagmo. We now leave the decision to you to choose the best pet insurance for your pet. We trust you in the fact that you would not want to compromise on anything when it comes to your lovely pet.

Happy Health and Mood to your Pet baby, and Lots of Love and Licks to you!

Tucker's Road to Recovery

When emotional support dog Tucker experienced a life-threatening injury to his neck, he needed extensive treatment. His pet parent Kim was able to choose the treatment option that would provide Tucker with the best quality of life because of the financial support provided by Tucker's Spot plan.

Cost of Treatment: $4,305

Spot Plan Reimbursed: $3,874.505

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