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Argentine Dogo: Everything You Need To Know 2024

There are so many different dog breeds out there that would make the perfect addition to your family. While every dog can differ based on their upbringing, environment, and personality, certain breeds are known for specific characteristics and traits.

For example, if you are looking for a chill dog who will hang out on the couch with you all day, it would be best to pass over the Border Collie. If you are looking for a marathon running buddy, the Pug will probably not fit that role very well.

You need to research the different types of dogs before you commit to bringing one home. If you happen across a somewhat uncommon dog that you have never run into before, research will be your best friend in picking your next best friend. This will help ensure that the surprises when you get your new addition home will be minimal (and pleasant!).

Have you heard of “the Argentine Dogo”? Sometimes, this breed is also referred to as Dogo Argentino. If so, you’re in the right place. If not, you’re in the right place, too. 

At Spot Pet Insurance, we are here to give you all the resources you need to help your pets live their best life. We’re also here for you on your journey to find the right dog breed for your family. That’s why today, we’ve rounded up some fun facts that you should know about this elusive dog breed. 

Whether you have only heard of Dogo Argentino or you met one in the past, you’ll find these fun facts about this unique breed fascinating. By the time you are done reading, you will have a more thorough understanding of the dog’s temperament, what you can expect from bringing one home, and how you can properly care for this new member of your pack. 

Are you ready to learn more about Dogo Argentino? Keep reading to discover all the critical info and adorable facts on this beautiful breed. 

What is the Dogo Argentino? 

Have you heard of a pack hunting dog? This type of dog was initially bred to pursue big game.

Pretty unique purpose, huh? The Dogo Argentino was initially intended to chase down wild animals, including puma and wild boar. They’re known for their loyalty and courage, which makes them a good companion. 

Genes can be strong, and the Dogo Argentino has strength in their genes. As a result of their original breeding purpose, Dogo Argentino parents find their dogs to be extremely strong, quick to respond, and intelligent. Think of your Argentine Dogo as an athlete because that’s exactly what they are. 

What do these athletic creatures typically look like? They have a smooth, plain coat. It is almost always all white, but some Dogo Argentino pups have a dark patch around their eye. This typically won’t cover more than 10% of their head. 

Despite their muscular build, they are extremely agile. The Dogo Argentino breed is also known for having a good nose and a strong lung capacity. If you’re looking for a dog that can go on long walks with you and not get tired or winded, the Dogo Argentino certainly fits the bill. 

What are Dogo Argentino like around family members? They are rather affectionate with family and are comfortable around people they know.

They are good with younger children but should still be monitored around children. Monitoring is not due to inherent aggression. Rather, the sheer size and strength of this dog might unintentionally knock a kid over during a rambunctious play session. This breed is also friendly with other dogs. 

The top dog facts on the Argentine Dogo

What do you need to know about taking care of the Argentine Dogo? 

Let’s talk more about their nutritional needs, the exercise that this breed requires, the training, the grooming, and the health requirements of the Argentine Dogo.

Here’s what you need to know about this one-of-a-kind breed:

Health concerns with the Argentine Dogo

It’s essential as a diligent pet owner to know about the problems that your dog is predisposed to. Some dog breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, congenital heart defects, or certain types of cancer.

With all of these, early detection plays a large part in the potential success of your vet’s treatment plan. Regular vet visits and keeping a watchful eye on your furry friends are huge assets to a healthy life.

The good news is that Dogo Argentino is typically considered a healthy dog breed. As a result, they usually do not have many expected genetic problems.

One of the main health concerns correlates with their striking coat color. Like most dogs with white coats, BAER testing is recommended to check for hearing health and abilities.

Staying away from backyard breeders, puppy mills, and puppy stores are some of the best ways to find a healthy pet — dogs, cats, reptiles, birds included.

In addition, keep in mind that your dog’s health will largely depend on their care plan. For instance, if you always give them nutritious food and take them to the vet as soon as possible if there are problems, you will have a happier and healthier dog. 

The nutritional needs of an Argentine Dogo

Because Dogo Argentino is a large breed, you should feed them accordingly. You can ask a trusted veterinarian for insight regarding how much food you should give your dog and what type of food they would recommend. You could even ask your vet about purchasing breed-specific food. 

The breeder or rescue you get your Argentine Dogo from could also help figure out what type of food to give them and how frequently they will need to be fed. These organizations and individuals have experience taking care of this particular dog breed.

If you and your vet decide to transition your Argentine Dogo to a new food type, do so carefully. Abrupt changes can cause digestive upset along with other issues. 

The exercise needs of an Argentine Dogo

Your Argentine Dogo is an athletic breed, which means that you will need to provide them with adequate options for exercise. Whether you decide to take your dog outside to play in your yard or you take them for several walks, you are helping your Argentine Dogo get their energy out.

Specific indoor spaces may also be adequate for this high-energy breed. For instance, you can play chase with a ball in the house, you can play hide-and-go-seek, and even try to teach this highly intelligent breed new tricks. 

Argentine Dogos also enjoy playing other outdoor activities. If you have a pool, you can let this breed go for a swim (of course, as long as you monitor them and teach them to swim safely).

You can also take this breed for a hike; they will love the new sights, smells, and the chance to meet new friends. These dogs benefit tremendously from training activities. Training, exercise, attention, and mental stimulation don’t just benefit your dog.

These activities can help the entire household, including your literal house. Bored or lonely dogs are prone to destructive behaviors and separation anxiety, which may often be challenging to treat. 

The grooming needs for an Argentine Dogo: 

Another vital part of taking the best care of your Argentine Dogo includes ensuring that you are properly grooming them. One way to do this is to find a groomer that knows how to take care of this particular breed. Alternatively, you could learn how to groom your pup yourself.

Their nails grow quickly, so keep them trimmed with either a dremel or clippers. This will help prevent your dog from experiencing cracking, splitting, or even overgrowth. On the plus side, people generally find it easier to cut the nails of white dogs. White dogs tend to have more visible quicks, making it easier to avoid nipping this sensitive area.

Additionally, either debris or wax could build up within your dog’s ears. This can result in an infection, so you should check them regularly and clean them accordingly. Your dog’s teeth should also be brushed for their best health; do not forget the importance of dental care

From Argentina to your family home

The Argentino Dogo is a fast friend and a loyal friend for life. While a healthy breed, preventive care is a huge part of keeping your pet around as long as possible and minimizing the chance of cost-restrictive procedures.

Spot Pet Insurance knows that sometimes you need some help being the best person you can be. That’s why, whether you are first bringing your Argentine Dogo home or you just need tips to take care of them, Spot Pet Insurance will help support you on your pet parent journey. 


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