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Top 5 Fluffy Cat Breeds

’To pretend to be confident about an uncertain issue or to have undisclosed resources, in order to influence or deter (someone).’ This is the definition of a ‘Bluffmaster’. But do you know the definition of a ‘Fluffmaster?’

A perfectly fluffy cat with cotton like fur with whom you want to cuddle all the time.

Cats have been found in various forms. Some look ferocious, some cunning, some like little babies and some just like a fur ball. So, let’s talk about the ‘Top 5 fluffy Cat Breeds’ –

1. Persian

Fluffy Persian Cat
  • Average Weight : 7 – 12 Pounds (male and female)

  • Average Height : 10 – 15 inches (male and female)

  • Life Expectancy : 12 – 18 years

  • Coat and colors : The Persian cats have a double coat which is long and furry. Their coat colors could be white, black, blue, grey, orange, silver, red golden, lilac, cream, and brown. These also have different patterns like swirls, stripes, bi color, solid color, calico and himalayan.

The Persian cat is an old cat breed that dates back to the 1500s. It Was believed to have been a show cat in London. The Persian cat can also be known as a leisure cat as they are kind and gentle and do not like any sort of rough play. They are not overly athletic and love to be stroked and treated with care. They are an independent breed who are okay with being left alone in a familiar environment where they feel at home.Persian cats require daily combing so that their lustrous coat is not matted and it also requires grooming occasionally. They are also affectionate creatures who love a good cuddle.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Average Weight : 10 -16 Pounds (male and female)

  • Average Height : 9 – 12 inches (male and female)

  • Life Expectancy : 14 – 16 years

  • Coat and colors : The Norwegian Cat has a double coat to protect them during cold weather. Their coats are available in various colors like bi-color, tabby, tortoiseshell, calico, cameo, and smoke.

The Norwegian Forest cat as it name suggests belongs to Norway. It is one of the most ancient breeds. They are a wild looking breed with large furry ears. They have a rough outer coat which is water resistant. The Norwegian forest cats are very attached to their families but they like to love at a distance. They are not overly affectionate and need their own space, but doesn’t mean they are not friendly. The Norwegian Cat sheds its coat during the summers and its coat requires thorough brushing every week. They are a laid back breed that is friendly with strangers. They do not like to be left alone but at the same time are not the most cuddly cats.

3. Maine Coon

Fluffy Maine Coon Cat
  • Average Weight : 10 -20 Pounds (male and female)

  • Average Height : 10 – 16 inches (male and female)

  • Life Expectancy : 10 – 13 years

  • Coat and colors : The Maine Coon Cat has a double coat, the outer one is smooth and shiny. Their coats are available in various colors like chocolate, lavender and himalayan.

The maine coon cat has been existing since the 1800’s. They are sweet natured and have ears that look like a bobcat’s. They are also massive in size with a messy coat. They are also curious and human-like in nature. They are water bodies and love to play and bathe in it. Their coat protects them during harsh cold weather conditions. Their coat requires regular brushing to maintain its heath. They love to play with various toys and are active without being too aggressive. The Main Coon cat is massive in size and hence hip dysplasia is a common health condition they can be prone to. Its better to take care of their diet to keep them lean and healthy. They may not be a lap cat but they are great with their family, kids and other pets.

4. Rag Dolls

Fluffy Rag Doll Cat
  • Average Weight : 10 – 20 Pounds (male and female)

  • Average Height : 9 – 11 inches (male and female)

  • Life Expectancy : 12 – 23 years

  • Coat and colors : The Rag Dolls Cat has a single coat which is blue, lilac, seal, chocolate, cream or red in color

The Rag doll is a cat which is great for first time cat owners as they are a great family cat. They are active and often run around and also very talkative. If you want a work buddy who sits beside you while you get some work done then they are the breed for you. The Rag doll cat has its roots in California, United states. They were bred to be a luxurious looking cat which are laid back and a great family pet. Ragdoll cats need to be groomed daily as their fur mattes easily and requires brushing, but that shouldn’t be much for a cat lover as these cats are the ones to make space into your life easily.

5. Siberian

Fluffy Siberian Cat
  • Average Weight : 10 – 15 Pounds (male and female)

  • Average Height : 9 – 11 inches (male and female)

  • Life Expectancy : 12 – 15 years

  • Coat and colors : The Siberian Cat has a triple coat. Their colors include black, white, brown, silver, blue and red. The coat may be rough or smooth but is generally long.

The Siberian cat has its roots in Russia and they are said to have been cherished like a gem. They are a forest cat and are adaptable to cold weather conditions. They are known for their beauty and are a warmhearted breed. They are good with children and other pets as well so If you plan to own a few more go right ahead! They have beautiful round eyes that are green, gold or copper. They shed their coat during summers to adapt to the weather. Even though they have a thick coat their coat requires very little brushing as it does not matte easily. They require some occasional grooming due to their long hair. These balls of fur are often energetic and love to swim and play.

People have been known to opt for dogs when they look for fur and fluff. But those who know, know that cats have an amazing variety to offer in the fluff department. And fluff is not the only deliverable here. Most of them are even energetic, intelligent and affectionate. Basically, like a dog in the form of a cat. So go on and choose your cuddle buddy from here.

Happy Health and Mood to your Cat and lots of Purrrrrs to you!


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