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What is a Border Collie’s Personality?

You are looking at the smartest dog breed out there! If they were to make their resume, it would read something like - Professional Herding Expert, Canine Einstein, and Frisbee Fanatic. Developed on the borderlands of Scotland and England, these dogs are the overachievers of the dog world. If they were among your classmates in school, they would be those first benchers who remind the teacher of the homework submission that she almost forgot. But with a brain that can challenge a supercomputer, they’ve got all the rights to flaunt.

It's possible that if they had thumbs, they would a good part of their day solving a Rubik’s cube. And there’s a high chance that they would be able to learn it in a day. Okay, we know we’ve been talking a lot only about their intelligence, but that’s not the only thing they offer. Here are some cool facts about them that will make you go ‘Whoaa!’ (if your mouth is not already open in shock) (1)

  • Queen Victoria, Michael Keaton, James Dean, Anna Paquin, Bon Jovi, Ethan Hawke, James Franco and Tiger Woods are among some famous personalities who’ve been Border Collie parents. 

  • In 2021, two Collies named Wish and Halo earned their spot for performing the most tricks in a minute. Wish even gained another record by being the fastest to crawl 5 meters, all done within 2 seconds.  

  • Striker, another Collie, demonstrated his intelligence by being the only one to open a car door window in just 11 seconds, the fastest time ever for a canine.

  • They are great at search and rescue operations and have credits for saving multiple lives across the globe.

  • ‘Chaser’, another Border Collie set a record for identifying the names of over 1000 objects.

  • Another one of them, ‘Jumpy’, holds a Guinness World Record for dog skateboarding: 100 meters in less than 20 seconds.

Is there anything these four-legged masters can’t do? 

We know that you have more questions about this breed. We’ve answered them all.

Is a Border Collie a Good House Dog?

Border Collie

They are intelligent, very independent, highly athletic, extremely loyal and very emotional. While these characteristics look great for being a family dog, sometimes it could be a problem. They can get dominant over small children. But this trait can be seen in many other dogs as some get jealous of the kids and others are protective. (3)

They may not be best suited for you if you live in an apartment and do not have a very active lifestyle – because they do. They are working dogs after all. They would need to run, hunt, smell, dig, and jump. (3)

Overall, they are highly affectionate, playful, and engaging. They love children and could play with them all day long. To conclude, we would say that they can make excellent family dogs, but not for all families. We’ve answered which type of people should get one home below. (3)

What Are the Behavioral Issues with Border Collies?

Border Collie

Some also believe that for their high energy levels, you would need a big yard for them to run around. This is true but doesn’t mean you cannot go to the nearby park if you don’t have one. You do need to ensure they get enough mental and physical stimulation though. A lack of it can make them bark and jump excessively as they wouldn’t know what else to do with all the energy. 

Without proper training and consistent mental stimulation, there is a high chance that they would develop behavioral issues like trying to herd children, chewing, or digging. However, none of these issues is something that cannot be taken care of by a consistent exercise schedule, brain-stimulating games and puzzles, attention, socialization, and lots of love. 

What Type of Person Should Get a Border Collie?

Border Collie

The primary requirement for getting one of these dogs home is for you to have a very active lifestyle. If your lifestyle looks like 10 hours of Zoom calls at home without moving from the couch or your desk followed by a nap, they may not be for you. These dogs will want to go out irrespective of the weather. (4)

If you have a small child or another pet, especially a small one like a cat or a Chihuahua, be ready for the Border Collie to herd them. Their natural herding instincts tend to kick in. However, with proper training, this can be taken care of. (3)

If you’re single, a Border Collie could be a good choice for you. They love one-on-one quality time. They also tend to develop a very strong bond with their special person. This could, however, also mean possessiveness and hence a guarding instinct. You will have to beware of them if you take them along on a date. 

Do Border Collies Like to Cuddle?

Some people believe that since Border Collies are independent, they wouldn’t care much for cuddles. But this is not true. They are highly affectionate and would love to cuddle with their favorite humans. After all who wouldn’t like a nice cuddle after a long session of exercise?

Do Border Collies Get Aggressive?

Border Collie

As a breed, Border Collies are not considered aggressive by nature. But as we mentioned above, lack of physical and mental stimulation can trigger anxiety in them which can lead to some behaviors that some may tag as aggressive. (2)

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  • Lameness

  • Epilepsy

  • Vestibular Syndrome

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Behavioral problems

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