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Definitive List of Black Cat Names

Black Cats, the mysterious, elegant and occasionally considered as a bit of bad luck are as cute as any other cat. Maybe it’s their sleek-looking fur on the beautiful eyes that pop against the black coat but these cats have a sense of something cool about them. If you own a black cat, give them some extra love and a scratch behind their ear and if you don’t, maybe it’s time to get this bundle of joy.

Black cats are not only sleek in appearance but also a master of disguise, they can disappear into a shadow in a snap of a second. And black never goes out of fashion, does it? 

Here’s a list of some great names that can suit your cat’s beauty and personality.

Black Kitten Names

A gray cat with green eyes lies on a light-colored surface.

Here are a few common black kitten names for the tiny furballs -

  • Sable - Meaning the color ‘Black’.

  • Onyx - For the gem that they are.

  • Boo - Like the cute ghost.

  • Ninja - For their sneaky personality.

  • Pepper – Just as feisty.

  • Mocha – Your dose of morning energy.

  • Tux - For the elegant little cub.

  • Luna - Inspired by the moon.

  • Nyx - Night goddess.

Best Cat Names for Black Cats - Movie Edition

Top Black Cat Breeds
  • Salem - The black cat from Sabrina the teenage witch.

  • Licorice – Potterhead?

  • Bagheera – The Jungle Book fans?

  • Scratchy - The one from Simpsons.

  • Batman – Your savior. 

  • Morpheus - From ‘The Matrix’.

  • Binx - the black cat in "Hocus Pocus."

  • Toothless – You should learn "How to Train Your Dragon" Now that you’ve got one home.

  • Gollum - From "The Lord of the Rings".

  • Gomez - From "The Addams Family," the one with the gothic spirit.

  • Vader – Or you could go with “Darth’

  • Lucifer - The mischievous cat from ‘Cinderella’.

Black Cat Cartoon Names

Black Persian Cat
  • Scat Cat - From the Disney movie "The Aristocats" (which is also not a bad name)

  • Sylvester - From "Looney Tunes".

  • Figaro - From Disney's "Pinocchio".

  • Blackie - From "The Raggy Dolls,"

  • Jiji - The talkative cat from "Kiki's Delivery Service". 

  • Mittens - The street-smart one from "Bolt".

  • Mr. Mistoffelees - From "Cats".

  • Blair - From "Soul Eater".

  • Kuro - From "Blue Exorcist".

  • Zazzles - From Simpsons

Black Cat Japanese Names

Maine Coon

As we know black cats are considered a bad omen in most cultures but in Japan, these cats are believed to bring prosperity and luck. The sailors believed that black cats would protect them from storms and misfortunes at sea. (1) Let's give your little lucky charm a name -

  • Daku - Meaning dark.

  • Sumoki - just like smoky.

  • Makkuro - Ink

  • Kazan - A volcano.

  • Karasu - A raven.

  • Kuro - Also means black.

  • Yoru - As beautiful as the night.

  • Anko - Red bean paste which is black in color.

  • Kage – Because, they will shadow you around.

  • Nori - The black seaweed on Sushi. 

  • Hoshi - A star just like your cat.

Black Cat Myths

Maine Coon

Despite being the coolest cats in town, Black cats often have to deal with constant misconceptions. Let’s debunk some of these myths so that we can shower them with the love they deserve.

  • Black Cats are bad luck - The oldest myth is that if they cross your path then you are bound to face misfortune. But the truth is these cats are also considered to be lucky in some cultures, so the next time you come across one count yourself the lucky one. (2)

  • Black Cats come from a family of witches - It is believed that black cats are actually witches that turned into cats so that they could go unnoticed. Well, the only magic that these little creatures can perform is that they can camouflage into the dark due to their fur. If they could cast a spell, wouldn’t they cast one to fill their food bowls with treats? 

  • Black Cats are evil - Black Cats have beautiful eyes that stand out against their black coat which is often mistaken as them plotting something. But the only thing that these creatures may be plotting is when they could take their next nap. These cats may be mischievous, but they have no ounce of evil in them.

Next time someone tells you tales of the evil of these black cats it’s best to educate them a little on what you’ve learned today. They are nothing but lovely sleek-looking creatures that serve to be great pets.

Historical Importance of Black Cats

A black cat with yellow eyes is sniffing a stalk of asparagus.

Most of the people may not be aware but these cats hold great importance in some cultures and are often seen as symbols of luck. Let’s explore their historical importance in the world – (2)(3)

  • Ancient Egypt: In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped and considered to be the incarnation of the goddess ‘Baset’. The Egyptians believed that Black cats could bring fortune and harming one could bring them bad luck.

  • Japan:  In Japan, black cats are considered to be lucky charms. If you are single and they cross your path, then they might just bring love into your life. 

  • Russia: In Russia, black cats are considered to be protectors of home just like a tiny security guard. It’s believed that they ward off any negative energies and bring comfort and warmth to their homes.

  • Scotland:  In Scotland, having a black cat is said to bring fortunes. They say that if they turn up at your door you are considered extremely lucky.

  • Celtic Mythology: In Celtic mythology, the ‘Cat Sith’ is a large black cat with a white spot on its chest. It was believed that they have magical powers that bring good fortunes.

Now that we know that Black cats are just like any other cat but cooler, it’s time to give them a lovely name. We have listed down a bunch of names above to choose from and if these are not enough, go wild and pick one that resonates with you the most. Go name your lucky charm!

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