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How to Spoil Your Kitten

All cats deserve to be showered in love. We know if you just got a brand-new, adorably cuddly kitten, that’s all you want to do! Kittens have a way of getting us wrapped around their fingers and turning our hearts into jelly, so it is not uncommon to have the urge to give them everything they want and more. Unfortunately, there is such thing as spoiling your kitty too much. Be sure to not go overboard with the treats or pampering. This can be harmful not only to your cat’s health. You can teach them to grow up with quite the entitled and unpleasant personality! Thankfully, there are countless ways to spoil your furry friend in a completely safe and healthy manner that is sure to make them adore you just as much as you adore them.

1. Treat them with some healthy goodies.

Perhaps the most obvious way to spoil your kitten, yummy treats are a foolproof method of pleasing your cat. Choose a type of food you know your cat loves that will add some excitement or variety into their typical daily diet. Whether it be shrimp, peanut butter, or melon, be sure to choose a snack you know won’t irritate your cat’s stomach and has lots of nutritional value.   

2. Buy a new toy. 

Toys don’t have to wait for birthdays or Christmas! Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be a squeaky ball or a feather wand. Anything new will be sure to excite and entertain your furry friend. Toy playtime not only provides your cat with a fun way to stay active but is also a perfect bonding activity for you and your feline.  

3. An extra-long cuddle session.

We know you probably pet your cat all day, every day, however, we also know you have a busy schedule of your own. Take time to wake up 20 minutes earlier or replace your nightly TikTok scroll to spend cuddling your kitten. This might not seem like much but trust us, they’ll appreciate it more than you know.  

4. Clean their litter box frequently.

Giving your cat a cleanly living environment may seem like a given, however litter boxes can get dirtier quicker than we think. Be sure to check on its status multiple times a day to see if it needs tidying up, and not only will your cat thank you, but your house will smell much more pleasant!  

5. Extra grooming.

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? Spoil your kitten by giving them a long bath, good brushing to remove any fur balls, and of course, some scratches and pets mixed in. Although some cats love water, a good amount do not. They might not enjoy the bath portion in the moment, but trust us, they’ll be grateful after.  

6. Take them on an outing.

Outdoor time is particularly valuable and important for the indoor-only kitties who might be a little clingy. If that’s your pet, consider taking them on a nice long walk or letting them play in your yard for an hour or so to soak up the sun and get some fresh air. Cats prefer the outdoors, so it is important to spoil them with some exposure every once and a while.  

7. Invest in a new, high-quality bed.

Cats love a good cozy den. Investing in a proper bed for them is key to winning over their love and affection. If you notice your cat hasn’t been spending much time on their current bed, consider getting them a new one that they might feel more at home on. Trust us, nothing will make your feline more content than a comfy place to sleep. Cats can sleep with you in bed and have one of their own.  

8. A window view.

A key aspect of any indoor kitty’s life is watching the outside world from a perch by their favorite window. If you don’t already, you should have an easily accessible place where your cat can stare at the people passing by. Cats love being high up, so a carpeted tower is a great option for this. If you’re in an extra-spoiling type of mood, set up a bird feeder outside the window so your cat will have constant action. 

9. Learn how to give a cat massage.

Massages aren’t just for humans! Most cats love all physical touch, but you can up your petting game with a special feline massage in and out of the spa. If your cat has been acting stressed or anxious, a light and relaxing massage is the perfect method of pampering to help them calm down. Every cat enjoys something different. There are plenty of guidelines online to help you give your kitty a safe and enjoyable massage.

10. Grow them a cat garden. 

Many cats love to munch on plants around the house, so why not treat them to some they’ll actually benefit from chewing? There are plenty of cat-safe seedlings that you can buy to grow grasses such as barely, oat, and wheat that contain tons of great vitamins and hours of entertainment for your feline. 

11. Catnip.

As cliché as it sounds, catnip really is an easy and effective way to spoil your kitty. It is an amazing stress-reliever and euphoria-inducer for felines, and will make your pet excited about playing and other activities. Fair warning: They will become extra fun, frisky, and spunky, so make sure you only give catnip if you have some energy to keep up yourself!   

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