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What Do You Need for a Kitten? 

If you’ve recently adopted a kitten or you’re about to, it’s important to make sure you get everything your new furry addition will need in order to adjust to their new home and family. With so many products on the market for cats and kittens, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you need to get and what you can pass on. Fortunately, we have pulled together a list of everything you need to get your kitten to make them comfortable when they arrive at your home!   

Care Products to Purchase Your Kitten 

You need to be ready to take care of your kitten’s basic needs. Having these on hand before they come home will make your transition much smoother!  

Travel Carrier 

The first thing you should make sure you have is a nice travel carrier. Depending on where you go to adopt your kitten, they may offer you a cardboard box to take them home in, or you may need to provide your own carrier. Either way, a dedicated travel carrier is much more comfortable for your kitten than a cardboard box is. Plus, getting a travel carrier now will allow you to have one on hand for any future vet trips, vacations or play dates!  

There are many different types of travel carriers on the market right now; you will want to choose one that meets your needs. When choosing a carrier, pick one that will be durable and last for years to come. You’ll also want to choose one that gives your kitten plenty of room now and when they grow. Depending on your preference, you can choose a hard-sided carrier or a soft-sided one!  


Another great idea is to purchase a crate for your kitten to have access to in the house. Having a crate set up for your kitten when they arrive home will give them a “safe space” of sorts to be able to retreat to while they acclimate to their new environment. These come in a variety of sizes. You can choose one that will work best for your space, as long as the kitten can’t squeeze through the bars.   

Of course, a crate isn’t always needed for a new kitten. If you have a bathroom or other small room you can keep your kitten in while you’re away, that will work instead of a crate. It’s just important to make sure your kitten isn’t able to reach or damage anything you want to keep safe! 

Kitten Food 

Kittens need different foods than adult cats do because they have different nutritional needs. These little ones need food designed to give them all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow strong and healthy. Kittens need more protein, fats and even calories than adult cats do!   

When it comes to choosing a kitten food, it’s up to your kitten’s palate and your personal preference whether you choose to feed dry food, wet food or a combination of the two. The most important thing to consider is making sure whichever food you choose gives your kitten all the nutrition needs it has.  

Cat Bed 

Many cats like having somewhere that’s just theirs to sleep, especially in a new environment. If you don’t offer your kitten their own bed to sleep in, you may find them sleeping somewhere you’d rather they didn’t like, a pile of clothing or on your bed. Consider purchasing your kitten their own cat bed that they can use now and as they grow bigger.   

There are many types of cat beds available now, including fluffy, enclosed, heated and elevated. It depends on your kitten’s personal preferences and which style they like best, but there are some universal ways to choose a bed. You’ll want to find a cat bed that is made of a washable material or even has a removable top layer for cleaning.  Regularly cleaning your cat’s bed is important for keeping it in great shape for your kitty to sleep in.  

Food and Water Bowls 

Make sure your kitten has their own bowls for food and water so they know where they can eat. There are so many options of bowls out there now. It’s up to you which style you prefer. You need to clean your kitten’s bowls regularly, so you will want to pick bowls that are easy to clean, such as stainless steel. You can also choose raised food and water bowls for better eating posture as your kitten grows up.  

 When it comes to water, kittens and cats can be picky about having water that doesn’t move. A great way to move past this hurdle is to purchase your kitten a cat water fountain. This will give your kitten their own little water fountain to drink moving water from, which often will make them want to drink more water.  

Litter Box 

Litter boxes are a vital item you need to purchase for your kitten before they come home. You will want to find a litter box that has high enough sides to keep litter in but isn’t too tall that your kitten can’t get in on its own. You’ll then need to pick a litter for the box. It’s best to choose one that doesn’t clump until your kitten is older because your kitten may inject clumps of litter while learning what it is.   

The good news is that kittens are rather easy to litter train. In fact, they naturally understand the idea behind a litter box. All you have to do is introduce them to it regularly. Make sure you keep it clean and praise your kitten every time they use the litter box. You’ll have a trained kitty on your hands in no time.  


Brushing your kitten regularly is a great way to help your kitten with grooming while also building the bond between the two of you and helping the kitten get used to being handled. This means you definitely need a great cat brush on hand for your kitten! You can also use this time to do a thorough check of your kitten for issues like fleas and use a flea comb to check more thoroughly. You’ll want to brush your kitten every day if they have long fur and about once a week if they are short-haired.   

Claw Trimmers 

Kitten’s claws get sharp very quickly, and you will want to be able to trim them as needed. Trimming your kitten’s claws will help keep them from scratching your furniture or flooring while also helping to prevent scratches on your hands during playtime.Kittens have smaller claws than adult cats, but they’re still getting used to using them. It’s good to get them used to claw trims while they’re young as well. This will allow them to be comfortable with trimming sessions and feel that they are a normal part of having claws.  


Getting a new kitten is a super exciting time! You will want to make sure you have everything your new little friend needs in order to feel comfortable in their new home. Doing everything to give your kitten good food and water, along with a comfortable place to sleep and use the bathroom, will help your kitten adjust to life in your home before you know it!  


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