Kitten Tips

Kittenhood Insight 2: Consider Raising Two Kittens

It Might Be A Whole Lot Easier Than Just One

While you’ll often hear that cats are independent and prefer to live solitary lives, nothing could be further from the truth. Cats engage in social bonding, often coming together to groom, play, and rest. Many rescues now refuse to adopt out a solo kitten, preferring instead to adopt kittens in pairs or into a home with other cats.

The benefits of raising two kittens are considerable, including:

Calmer demeanor and secure attachments Kittens in pairs feel more secure and are calmer and more approachable, making it easier for them to form attachments with their owners.

Social development Two kittens will bounce knowledge off of one another and quickly pick up on the workings of the world. Kittens teach each other how to be cats..

Less destruction Two kittens can play and explore together, even when you’re not home. Together they will spend their days being active and releasing their teething and predatory energy on each other, not you or your household decor — allowing you to fill the nurturing role.

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