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Ultimate List of Disney Dog Names

In Disney's world of wonder bright,

Dreams take flight and hearts ignite,

Dogs prance and play, their spirits light,

In this realm of joy, magic's might.

Looks like you’ve got a dog from this majestic world. Is it a Dalmatian? Basset Hound? Great Dane? Shih Tzu? Or a German Shepherd? Because all of these breeds, among many others, have featured in the Disney world. 

Disney's fascination with dogs dates back to its early days when animators first brought Pluto, Mickey's faithful friend, to life. Since then, a parade of unforgettable canine characters has marched onto the screens: the adventurous Tramp from "Lady and the Tramp," the mischievous Max from "The Little Mermaid," and the lovably clumsy Bolt. And these dogs don’t just represent sidekicks but loyalty and bravery. 

Let’s find a great name for your dog from Disney’s magical world. 

Disney Character Names for Dogs


Why just stick to the dogs featured in Disney world? Mr. Walt has created many beautiful characters that can do justice to the beauty of your dog. Here are some names that you can go for – 

  • Mickey – Probably the most recognised Disney character in the world

  • Buzz – For a companion that will stick through ‘lightyears’ with you.

  • Nala – Simba’s strong and loyal friend

  • Simba – If you want to go with the king, himself

  • Stitch – Or do you like ‘Lilo’ more?

  • Nemo – Adventurous and courageous 

  • Maximus – Tangled in your love

  • Dug – It’ll only take you ‘Up’ in your life. 

  • Baloo – Jungle Book fan?

Disney Dog Male Names

If you want to go with the dogs that are featured in Disney, here are some great options for you!

  • Pluto – Mickey’s loyal friend. Now yours. 

  • Goofy – Clumsy but good-hearted

  • Tramp – The heartthrob from "Lady and the Tramp.".

  • Nana – St. Bernard’s are actually very nurturing and not just in Peter Pan.

  • Bolt – With smell receptors more than 10 times yours, your dog surely does have superpowers

  • Sultan – If yours is a striped one, just like Jasmine's faithful and gentle-hearted tiger-striped mutt in "Aladdin."

  • Patch – 1 of 101 Dalmatians

  • Rolly – Another Dalmatian

Disney Dog Female Names

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The female canines did not stay any behind when it came to leaving a mark in the Disney world. Here are some names that can suit your dog’s beauty, loyalty and intelligence – 

  • Nana – Could go for a female dog as well.

  • Angel - Scamp's love interest in "Lady and the Tramp II, who is now about to be the angel of your life.

  • Annette – A Dalmatian

  • Collette – Another Dalmatian

  • Rita – The Saluki mix from "Oliver & Company."

  • Birdwell – The high-society Dalmatian

  • Sasha – The Husky from ‘Balto’

  • Missy – From "The Little Mermaid" TV series.

  • Sis – We know she was a cat from Cinderella but was treated just like a dog.

Interesting Facts about Disney

Great Dane 

While you’re taking inspiration from Disney World, here are some very interesting facts that a Disney fan like you should know.

  • Mickey Mouse has won 22 Academy Awards.

  • But Mickey was not always Mickey. It was called Moltimore Mouse until Walt’s wife, Lillian, convinced him to change it. (well, they say it right -  behind every successful man, there is a woman)

  • Sir Walt Disney was a high-school dropout. (The number of dropouts who made it big in the world does make us question things at times)

  • Till date, he is the record holder of most Oscars won by an individual – 22! 

There are many more such facts that will leave you astonished. After all, he sure was a Legend! 

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