Puppy Tips

Puppyhood Insight 1: Puppies Aren’t Stuffed Animals with a Heartbeat

Few things melt a heart like a young puppy. Small and wobbly, their early days revolve around three basic things: resting, eating, and pottying. Like a baby, they don’t know what to do when they feel tired, hungry, or need to potty.

When babies are needy, they cry. Puppies don’t cry like babies. Though some may whine, most puppies nip hard and get fidgety when they feel need confusion. What is need confusion? Little puppies, like little babies, don’t understand why they feel bad. When your puppy gets cranky, reference your handy needs chart to discover what might be causing their imbalance.

If you notice any of these changes, there is a reason for concern:• Your puppy’s food or water intake changes dramatically• Your puppy is lethargic• Your puppy’s eliminations become wonky (diarrhea, stool consistency or odor changes; difficult or frequent urination)

Note these changes and call your veterinarian immediately. While an emergency visit will cost money, a wait-and-see attitude can cause serious, and maybe fatal, complications. SPOT Pet Insurance can help off-set the costs of emergency visits and may offer discounts for multiple pets.

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