Why Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance as an Employee Benefit

Offering pet insurance as may help you attract top-tier talent, keep current employees happy, and help keep their pet families healthy. Vet costs can get expensive quickly, which is why it’s one reason that people may seek out pet insurance as a perk when switching jobs or considering a job offer.Employees with pets often consider their dog or cat part of their family and in today’s competitive workplaces, healthy work-life is on par with a fulfilling personal one too. That means people look for the same health advantages included in a job offer for their pets. A puppy or dog insurance plan or kitten and cat insurance plan as an employee benefit can help cover eligible veterinary costs for illnesses and accidents, making it a highly attractive perk.

Advantages of pet insurance

When you consider the many advantages of pet insurance, it is no wonder that it is such a popular benefit amongst employers across the United States. Here are some of the most significant bonuses for employers:

Reduce stress and improve morale

Pet insurance can help employees afford unexpected, eligible expenses related to their pets’ health, which can be a financial burden on them.  The peace of mind that comes from eligible vet bill support can lead to reduced stress and improved morale in the office.

Attract and retain talented workers

Offering pet insurance as an employee benefit for the pet lovers you work with can help attract and retain talented workers, because who doesn’t want to work in a place that care for every member of the family. That includes the furriest ones!

Increases focus and productivity

Pet insurance can help people feel more secure about their pets’ health and well-being, resulting in an increased focus and better productivity at work.

Builds company culture

By providing pet insurance as an employee benefit, executives can show that they care about the overall health and well-being of their teams and their families, which can help improve company culture and morale.

Employee peace of mind

Pet insurance can provide people access to necessary medical care for their pet’s unexpected accidents and illnesses, which can bring peace of mind. People who feel cared for care about their work and the impact it makes on the business.

Establishes loyalty and adds value

Some pet insurance policies include perks such as coverage for virtual veterinary consultations for covered conditions and multi-pet discounts, which can provide additional value to employees. People who are happily cared for, and feel secure are less likely to search for other career opportunities and are more likely to be loyal to their company.

Work-life balance

Pet insurance can help people save money on eligible veterinary bills, which can free up their budgets for other expenses, such as saving for retirement or investing in their own health and well-being. Knowing their pets are financially cared for through a pet insurance plan helps people create more balanced personal and professional lives.

Build stronger teams

Allowing employees to bring pets in the office can promote socialization, which leads to people forming deeper bonds with one another through their pets, resulting in stronger ties to their teammates.

Choosing a pet insurance partner for your employee benefits plans

A great way to be a pet-friendly benefits workplace is to offer pet insurance as a voluntary employee benefit. Let’s look at the rewards for your teams when you’re considering which pet insurance partner to work with.

Great pet insurance partners and the plans they offer will provide:

  • Access to licensed vets across the United States.

  • Employee Group discounts.

  • Coverage for a wide variety of eligible treatments for accidents and illnesses.

  • No breed or upper-age restrictions.

  • Competitive rates that are transparent include affordable options.

  • Flexible coverage options that can be customized.

  • Reimbursement percentage options such as 70% and 80%, or 90% cash back on eligible claims.

Offering pet insurance as an employee benefit can help to attract and retain talented teams who are also pet owners. Pet insurance can help employees save on eligible vet costs and plan for a more financially secure future.

Happy pet parent teams may be more productive and feel more satisfied in their jobs, leading to healthy company culture and people who care about your business.

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