The Donskoy cats also known as Don Sphynx is a hairless cat with a hard muscular body, large ears and wrinkled skin. They are affectionate and curious also known for their loyal nature.

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When there is redness in your cat’s gums and the teeth become swollen.

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Loose of missing teeth, drooling with a hint of blood, facial swelling.


The most common treatment methods are root canal, extraction, root planning.

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The donskoy cats are very loyal just like dogs and dedicated to their owners.


This breed is truly remarkable for its curious, sociable and trainable nature which makes them intelligent pet.


They are playful feline and affectionate cats that loves to cuddle.

Lifetime Care


Donskoy has four coat types: Rubber bald, flocked, velour and brush. The softness stays in all the types.


It comes in various colors such as black, blue, gray, red and white




Regardless of their coat type all donskoy cats need daily care to keep their skin healthy. As their body produces oils, owners need to wipe down their cats daily with a soft towel. Needs to give them a full bath either once or twice a month and may require occasional ear cleaning. Daily brushing their teeth to avoid gum diseases. It is recommended to use veterinarian approved sunscreen if they are outdoors.


Due to their curious and active nature they are eager to learn. With plenty of small treats and repetition, you can teach them to perform simple tricks.

The Donskoy cats also known as Don Sphynx is a rare breed originated from Russia in the 1980’s. It’s a medium sized-cat with a striking appearance known for their hairless feature, large ears and finger like toes. They are extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle, their friendliness to both family and strangers is almost dog-like.

This cats simply adore attention and would get mischievous, their curious nature works well when it comes to train them with interactive toys and give them space to explore to keep them happy. Overall it’s an energetic breed that gets along with other pets and strangers real quick.

Donskoy cat : Introduction to the Breed

Adding any new pet to your family is a big decision. Before buying a new pet, it’s important that you take the time to research the breed and reflect on what will work best with your family and your lifestyle. Think through the traits you’d like in a dog, and the ones you’d rather live without. Here are a few things you need to know about the Donskoy breed.

If you enjoy rare breeds than Donskoy is your perfect cat not only they make great pet for its striking feature – lack of fur with big almond eyes and large ears but are a great fit to keep you entertained throughout the day. Who wouldn’t love to cuddle after a long day of work, this breed is extremely affectionate and loyal to family.

Their social nature makes them great companion for families with or without children, Donskoy is super active and gets along well with other cats and even dogs if trained at a younger age.

They love to snuggle and need an extra layer when it gets cold to keep themselves warm.

This cat will never fail to bring smile on your face with its sweet interactive nature and adorable energy that keeps you entertained.

Food requirement for donskoy

Should take special care during winters as they have a higher body temperature than most cats, they need to eat more to maintain their body temperature. Once the winter is over food intake should be normal. Superior quality canned and dry cat food are considerable as they contain less oil than cheaper food.

What are the Risks for the Donskoy cat Breed?

Although Donskoy breed is generally healthy but can suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick.

It’s important to get the cat screened regularly for heart issues. While the younger ones may not have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, it can develop as the cat gets older.

This breed usually suffers from dental issues which can get worse if not taken enough care they need regular visit to dental cleaning. Another issue this cat faces due to their hairless feature is ectodermal dysplasia causing problems including poor dentition and compromised ability to lactate or sweat.

Possible health problems include:

Because these cats have a higher body temperature than most cats have, you’ll notice they eat more.


Just take a little more care of their skin and food requirements and you’ve got yourself a loving, affectionate, playful and an intelligent cat. The medical expenses here might be a little more than average because of its susceptibility to teeth and skin. But apart from that they are a very happy breed and you’ll love their company.