English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels


A breed of a gun-dog, which were usually used by hunters to assist them find and retrieve game, mostly quail, duck or dove, English Springer Spaniels belong to the Spaniel group originating in England

Lifetime Care

Breed Profile


9 – 13



44 – 45


Life Span

11 – 15




PFK Deficiency

of dogs

What is it?:

Also known as the ‘Tauri’ disease it is a genetical disorder that impacts the metabolism of glucose in the spaniels body. It is basically the impairment of ability of cells to use carbohydrates for generating energy within the body

Clinical signs

Fever, depression, lethargy, blood in urine, exercise intolerance, etc. are the basic symptoms of PFK deficiency in an English Springer Spaniel


Treatment for the disease may be a fluid therapy recommended by your vet or a bone marrow transplant which can be quiet expensive.

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Owing to its history of being associated to hunting, English Springer Spaniels are very much outgoing and adventurous


The breed has a strong desire to be amongst people. They are very friendly and love affection

Quick learners

Springer spaniels are very quick to learn as they are always willing to obey their master

Lifetime Care


Flat or a wavy medium-length double coat with extra hair on its ears and feathering on its paws and chest can be found on English Springers Spaniels


The spaniels usually come in a combination of colors like black and white, black-white and tan, white and liver or white-liver with tan




Brushing your springer spaniel once a week and a full-grooming session every 2 months would suffice


Spaniels are an eager to learn, easy to please and intelligent breed and hence very easy to train

English Springer Spaniels are not only good hunters and pets but also excellent sniffers. They have been used to find hidden weapons and explosives. Not only that, they can also sniff out a bumble-bee nest, illegal immigrant, blood type, and drug. It doesn’t stop there. They are also used for rescue operations by mountain rescue teams and low-land rescue teams. Surprisingly, despite their rough and wild nature, the English Spaniels are also one of the best show-dogs.

English Springer Spaniel: Introduction to the Breed

Planning to adopt a Spaniel for your house? It becomes very necessary as a pet parent to first research about the pet thoroughly before adopting as every dog has its own characteristics, needs and costs. Here are a few things you need to know about the English Springer Spaniel breed -

English Springer Spaniel Dogs are generally:

  • Outgoing and friendly

  • Workaholics

  • Clingy and cuddly

  • Hunters

  • Attention seeking

  • Well behaved

Springer Spaniels are best suited for –

  • First time dog owners

  • Young and active families who like to spend a lot of time with their pet

  • Families with kids and/or other pets

Male vs Female English Springer Spaniel Dogs

Both the genders show signs of deep affection, care and love. However, there are some visible differences that separate the male ones from their female counter parts

  • Males are more sociable and energetic as compared to females which tend to become mellow as they age

  • Just like humans, males are built larger with more muscle mass

  • Females are observed to be cleaner than their messier male partners

  • Stubbornness may be more prevalent in males

  • Females here are more likely to get along with other dogs and animals as compared to males

  • Again a similar trait as humans is that males are seen to be more aggressive than females but can easily be distracted unlike females

What should an English Springer Spaniel eat?

The primary diet of your English Spaniel should contain whole meat given its high requirement of protein in the daily diet. You can also include more fat at times

The food items that can be included here are –

Apart from meat, other foods that can be added to the bowl are

  • Barley, brown rice

  • Oats

  • Safflower or flax seeds

  • Foods than contain Omega 3 fatty acids

  • Ham

  • Popcorn (You’ve got a movie partner by your side as well)

What should an English Springer Spaniel NOT eat?

Any type of sugar is going to be bad for your pup. Apart from that, here is a list of some food items your spaniel shouldn’t eat


A playful, energetic, intelligent and a sweet looking dog is in the bag for you if you opt for an English Springer Spaniel.