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Everything You Need to Know About White Dog Breeds

From the majestic Samoyed, whose smile could melt the iciest heart, to the elegant Maltese, who’s been trotting around royal courts since Cleopatra’s time, white dogs have given snowflakes a run for their money. And if there were a competition for the best white dog, it would be a tough one. This is because the participants would include – 

  • Samoyed, who would come with its captivating ‘Sammy’ smile.

  • Maltese, with its luxurious silky coat that had Cleopatra and even Queen Elizabeth smitten.

  • West Highland Terrier, or the ‘Westie’ of Scotland with its lively personality.

  • Great Pyrenees, the gentle giant, with its effortlessly majestic coat.

And many more…

These white dogs have made their way into pop culture as well. Remember Snowy, the fearless and loyal Wire Fox Terrier from "The Adventures of Tintin"? And not to forget the Bull Terrier, Spuds MacKenzie, the original party animal from the 1980s Budweiser commercials. How about the white-furred anthropomorphic dog, Brian, from ‘Family Guy’?

The list can go on as these lovely creatures do not fail to amuse humans. But before we take you deeper into this topic, here are some facts that we would like you to know – (1)

  • White dog breeds were mostly bred for specific tasks such as sheepherding to blend with the herd. 

  • Lighter coat colors have been linked to higher rates of survival; a report suggests. The white color may have helped dogs survive in colder or snow-covered climates.

Let’s get on to answering some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet. 

What Breed of Dog is Mostly White?

From over 350 dog breeds in the world, there are only about a dozen of them that are available only in white. While other dogs can have a white coat as well, it tends to darken as they age. These dozen dogs stay white throughout their life. The list includes – (2)

  • Samoyed – the strong and elegant dog from Siberia used to herd reindeer, pull sledges, and hunt.

  • Maltese – The smallest white dog breed out there that comes with a long and silky coat

  • American Eskimo – Earlier known as the German Spitz, this breed comes in standard, miniature, and toy sizes. 

  • Bichon Frise – The active and adventurous French dog that descended from the Poodle and Water Spaniel.

  • Great Pyrenees – The largest white dog out there that comes with immense patience. 

Apart from these, the list also includes Coton de Tulear, Bolognese, Japanese Spitz, Komondor, Kuvasz, Dogo Argentino and West Highland White Terrier. 

What is the Rarest White Dog?

It would be difficult to point at a single white dog breed to be the rarest in terms of the population out there. However, if there were to be a list of rare white dogs, Akbash, Dogo Argentino, Samoyed and Komondor would definitely make it to the top 5. (3)

What is the Cutest White Dog in the World?

This is always the most difficult question to answer. Let us suggest one thing here – look at the pictures of all the breeds we’ve mentioned. Read about them by clicking on them as we’ve written a dedicated article for each one of them. And then you can decide which one of them you find the cutest! Because just like they say, ‘Cuteness lies in the eyes of the beholder’. 

If you’re into small dogs then you may find the Bichon Frise, Coton de Tulear or Maltese cute. And if big dogs woo you more, then you might find dogs like the Great Pyrenees or the Samoyed cute. We leave this one totally up to you!

What Breed is a Large White Guard Dog?

If you’re looking for a large white guard dog, why not go for the largest one out there – Great Pyrenees! Originating from the Pyrenees Mountains of Europe, the breed has been around since the 15th century. They may be called ‘gentle giants’, but when it comes to protecting the family, they fear no threat. And if you’re looking for a dog that can protect your livestock as well, look no more. (4)

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While you’re getting to know white dogs, it’s important to know about some medical issues that they are more prone to because of their coat colors. These dogs are more prone to skin allergies. Their skin also stands a higher chance of getting cancer due to comparatively more sun damage. Apart from these, they are also more prone to deafness and cataracts. (5)

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