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Picking a name for your dog can be tough as we have a million options to choose from but don’t worry! That's why we are here to make this exercise fun. Brown is one of the most common and adored colors when owning dogs! One may think this makes them boring but I can assure you it does not. Brown-coated dogs may be common, but their coat varies from a rich chocolate brown to a soft caramel or even a golden sandy hue. The color brown in itself often signifies warmth like a cup of hot chocolate and earthiness like the shade of wood. Along with color these dogs also come in a variety of breeds be it a tiny Dachshund or a fluffy Golden Retriever. Be it any breed your dog deserves a name that not only suits their personality but also celebrates the lovely pet that they are.

I can think of a ton of things that you can name your brown dog after and guess what it may leave you craving a snack! Whether you are looking for something to match the hazel color of their coat or just an adorable one we have got a list of names to get you started. Let's dive right into names that you cannot go wrong with.

Dog Names for Brown Dogs

Belgian Malinois sitting on the pavement

Let’s get started with the most common ones out there that are not just adorable but are also no-brainers when it comes to your brown little pet-

  • Oreo - Who doesn’t love those

  • Cookie - Cause they are the sweetest addition to your family

  • Stitch - Your bestfriend

  • Jerry - To your Tom

  • Teddy - cause why not!

  • Coco - Hot chocolate lovers

  • Brownie - Pun intended

  • Mocha -  Latte 

  • Woody - for their lovely coat

  • Fudge - Playful and yum

  • Bruno - A classic

  • Twig

  • Toffee

  • Coffee

All names can’t have a reason. Some just sound cute. 

Brown Dog Male Names

Boxer Dog
  • Chip - Chocolate chip?

  • Rusty - For the mischievous ones

  • Toto - Like Wizard of Oz

  • Scooby - Dooby Doo

  • Slinky - Who doesn’t love slinky from ‘Toy Story’

  • Clifford - The Big Brown dog

  • Buddy - It’s only natural to call them your bud

  • Maple - Syrup on pancakes

  • Walnut - Cause it’s cute

  • Kahlua - Like the Liqour

  • Peanut - Butter

  • Chuck - The player

Brown Dog Female Names

A brown dog carries a red ball in its mouth on a grassy field.
  • Auburn - A lovely name for the beautiful reddish brown color

  • Bailey - like the Irish drink

  • Honey - for their sweet as-honey disposition

  • Hazel - Just like Hazelnut

  • Karmel - Caramel but with a ‘K’

  • Brandy - Like the warm winter drink

  • Henna - If you want to go down the indie route this one is cute

  • Sienna - For their rich brown coat

  • Reese - Who doesn't love Reese’s buttercup 

  • Buttercup - Powerpuff girls fans?

  • Tea - For all the tea lovers who can’t do without their Tea’s

  • Cocoa - A classic name for all the chocolate lovers

  • Sandy - For their lovely sand colored coat 

  • Ginger - A spicy name for their fiery personality

  • Sugar - Sweet little fur balls that they are

  • Bambi - The deer

What to Name a Tan Dog

A person in a plaid shirt hugs a tan dog in a field.

If the above names weren’t enough here are a few unique ones to choose from

  • Sepia

  • Tawny

  • Ochre

  • Bamboo

  • Wheatie

  • Nico

  • Rudy

  • Willy

  • Blondie

  • Jax

  • Toast

  • Twix

  • Fern

Everything you need to know about Brown Dogs

A brown French Bulldog with a patterned bandana walks between blue chairs.

Now that we are done with the list of names for your loving pet. Here is everything you need to know about brown dogs - 

Low Maintenance - Brown-coated dogs are considered to be competitively low maintenance than white ones as their coats are easy to clean.

Temperament - Even though there is a myth that a coat color often reflects the dog's behavior and personality, it’s not true at all. The temperament of any brown dog depends on its breed. Labradors are often considered friendly and great family dogs while Dashcunds are more playful and curious. While Boxers are considered to be protective and affectionate.

Appearance - Many brown dogs have a teddy bear-like appearance which makes them an easy pick at times as they seem more warm and friendly. But this does not mean that dogs with any other coat color are not as affectionate or friendly.

Popular Dog breeds - The most common brown dog breeds are as follows-

Labradors - They considered friendly and are also great therapy as well as service dogs.

Daschunds - These are a popular choice due to their unique long-slung bodies and playful nature.

Boxers - They are also an energetic and active dog breed for all the active dog owners out there.

Brown-coated dogs are not any different than the others. Whether you pick a golden retriever or a cute little Shih Tzu, they are bound to bring as much love and joy to your life. So go ahead and give your lovely brown pet a name that suits them the best.

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