How To Decide Versus a New Puppy or Kitten

There are two types of people in this world: “dog people ” or “cat people ” and then there are some in the middle who like pets and do not know which side they belong to. Adopting a dog and adopting a cat can be two completely different experiences so it’s important to understand which one will fit better into your lifestyle depending on what sort of a pet you want, how much time you have, and what are you looking for in a pet. Sometimes one may think they want a dog or a cat, but they may not be equipped for one so it’s better to get a perspective before diving into the process of getting one. We can help you decide which pet to go for.

1. Consider your lifestyle

What sort of lifestyle do you have? Are you an outdoorsy person who loves to go on hikes or treks? Do you enjoy your daily walks and are looking for a companion? Are you looking for a pet that is energetic and accompanies you everywhere you go? Do you have time in your life to spend outdoors with your pet? If yes, then a dog is the perfect partner for you as they are comparatively more active and have a way of expressing their love physically. They love to spend time outdoors playing a good game of fetch or just accompanying you for a walk. If you have a busy lifestyle and do not have much time to take your pets for a walk, then a cat is probably more suitable. As cats are lone animals and do not need much attention, they can be by themselves. Cats may want you to play with them, but they are fine being indoors. It depends on what breed and pet you get but these are some generalized facts about the pet.

2. Consider your space

Before deciding to welcome home a pet the first thing to keep in mind is your space. Dogs and cats may both fit into a small space, but dogs need their daily walks or exercise which can be served in the backyard of your house. While if you live in a small apartment and do not have a backyard or the time to step outside every day then a cat may be more suited as it can fit easily into your life. Cats generally get their exercise with play, and they require more vertical space rather than space to roam around. In Fact, in a big house, you may not see your kitten at all.

3. Consider costs

Before deciding between a puppy or a kitten you need to make sure you know the costs associated with the two. A dog might be more expensive to take care of keeping in mind their food, vet bills, dog walking, or daycare. While a cat may cost you less as most of the time, they are independent, and they are small animals with a comparatively small appetite. They are good at grooming themselves and do not typically need special toys for play. They can be distracted by something as simple as a yarn.

4. Personality and behaviors

A cat and a dog have very different personality traits. Both have different ways of connecting with their humans. Dogs are more affectionate and connected to their humans. You can expect them to follow you around the house or join you for a walk or welcome you with cuddles. Kittens are more independent and their way of showing love is different. They may need to be fed and taken care of their litter but apart from that, they can be left alone. They might look at your work or pay a visit to your zoom meetings. These are general views about the two but it’s possible that you may get a cuddly cat.

5. Potty training

Their personality is not the only area where they are different. It is way easier to train a cat to do their business as they have an instinct of going and doing their business in a litter box. But you will have to keep scooping the litter box and filling it again. While in the case of a dog you will have to train them to do their business in a fixed corner and not throughout the house. But once they are trained it shouldn’t be an issue. You might have to carry bags to scoop up behind them while they are on walks to dispose of them properly.

6. Grooming requirements

In the case of a dog, they do not have the instinct to be clean and may need to be brushed to keep their coat from getting matted or tangled. They may also need to bathe occasionally to keep them clean and keep the odor away. While in the case of cats they are generally clean and do not have many grooming requirements. They need an occasional bath once or twice a year and some brushing once a week and they should be good to go.

7. Training requirements

When it comes to training a dog vs training a cat, a dog is easier to train as it can be taught to respond to commands and obey its owner. They are built in a way that once trained they will do anything to please you. They have a pack mentality which makes it easy to follow someone or obey them. While in the case of cats they are lone creatures and have a mind of their own. They may take some time and patience to be trained and tend to be willful. But you can teach them boundaries and that should be enough. Of Course, these are generic pointers and you may face different experiences with different breeds.


In the end, you are going to spend a large chunk of your life with your pet and it’s important to know what you want. So don’t decide based on a cute Instagram video, consider these points, and then let your heart decide what you are looking for. Be it a puppy or a kitten, both have a way to win people’s hearts and become your best companions. Once you have decided on what you want, be it a kitten or a cat, look for which breed suits you better and do some research regarding their personality traits and living conditions. Then find yourself a trustworthy breeder and talk to a few pet parents about their experience and you are good to go. So, what are you waiting for to get yourself that pet?


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