Why Pet Insurance?

What Does Pet Insurance Not Cover?

As a pet owner, you want the best for your furry friend, and pet insurance can help get you peace of mind in case of unexpected accidents or illnesses. While pet insurance policies can vary on coverage, it's important to understand what is not covered to help avoid surprises or disappointments. What does pet insurance not cover? In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most common exclusions, so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right policy for your pet's needs.

Generally, pet insurance policies do not cover the following:

  • Pre-existing Conditions: A pre-existing condition is an injury or illness which occurs or shows symptoms before the coverage of a policy begins or during the waiting period. Whether or not the condition is diagnosed or treated by a veterinarian, a condition is considered to be pre-existing if it occurred or if symptoms became apparent before coverage began or during the waiting period.

  • Preventive Care: Base-level pet insurance policies do not typically cover the cost of preventive care. Services that fall under preventive care can include routine examinations, vaccines, routine teeth cleanings, and spaying or neutering procedures.

  • Daycare and Boarding Costs: Pet insurance policies typically do not cover the cost of daycare fees. In addition, if traveling and boarding your dog in a facility, the cost of boarding is not eligible to be covered by a pet insurance policy.

  • End-of-Life Expenses: Pet insurance policies can cover end-of-life expenses such as pet euthanasia, burial, and cremation if the death is caused by a covered condition. But pet insurance policies typically won’t cover the cost of funeral expenses, memorial items, urns, caskets, burial pots, or burial plot maintenance fees.

For a full list of limitations and exclusions, you can read sample policies for the plan options.

While pet insurance is a valuable tool for your pet's health and well-being, it's important to understand what is not covered by your policy. Pre-existing conditions, routine and preventive care, behavioral conditions, and certain breeds or conditions may not be included in your coverage. By understanding policy exclusions and choosing the right policy for your pet's needs, you can help ensure that you're getting the most out of your pet insurance and can get the best possible care for your furry friend. Learn more about how much pet insurance is and how to choose the best pet insurance option.

Why Choose a Spot Pet Insurance Plan?

Waiting period: Spot Pet Insurance plans have a 14-day waiting period for accident and illness coverage. With a preventive care coverage add-on for an extra cost, you are eligible for next-day coverage for preventive care coverage.

Pre-existing conditions: Spot Pet Insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, if the condition is curable, cured, and goes free of symptoms and treatment for 180 days, it may be eligible for coverage if it happens again in the future, with the exception of knee and ligament conditions. If a knee or ligament condition occurs before the coverage effective date or during a waiting period, any future ones won’t be covered.

Accident and Illness Plans: Spot Pet Insurance plans include Accident-Only and Accident & Illness coverage options. Pet parents can choose an unlimited annual limit option with no per-incident caps and no lifetime caps. Spot plans cover the eligible costs of covered veterinary services. With a Spot Pet Insurance plan, pet parents can visit any licensed veterinarian, specialist, or emergency clinic within the United States and Canada.

Preventive Care Add-ons: Spot Pet Insurance offers two preventive care coverage options, which can be added to an accident-only or accident and illness plan for an extra cost. Preventive care coverage can cover the eligible costs of routine services, including certain vaccines such as rabies and Lyme disease, wellness exams, teeth cleaning, and other benefits. Pet parents are not required to satisfy their deductible before they are eligible for reimbursement for preventive care coverage benefits, and there is no waiting period to use these benefits.

24/7 VetAccessTM Helpline: Each Spot Pet Insurance plan includes access to a 24/7 telehealth helpline that connects pet parents to veterinary experts who can address questions or concerns regarding a pet's health or behavior.

Discounts: Spot Pet Insurance plans include a 10% multi-pet discount on premiums for every pet added following the first. In addition, Spot Pet Insurance partners with certain employers to offer discounts of up to 20%* on pet insurance to employees. Ask your HR representative if your company offers Spot Pet Insurance as a benefit.

* Discounts up to 20% include a 10% employee discount for all pets, where available, plus a 10% multi-pet discount for all additional pets. The employee discounts vary and are not available in all states.

Spot Pet Insurance plans offer pet parents the ability to customize their coverage that meets the unique needs of their pet as well as their own. With Accident Only, Accident & Illness, and preventive care coverage options, pet parents are able to choose the coverage options that can help give them the financial support necessary for their peace of mind. Veterinary bills for unexpected accidents and illnesses can add up quickly, but with a Spot Pet Insurance plan, pet parents have help resting easier knowing that their furry friend has coverage. Know more about is Pet Insurance Worth It.

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