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Shiba Inu Names

Either you’ve already got a Shiba Inu home or you’re about to get one. Either way, we feel getting to know a little background about the breed is important. We know that you must have done your research but here’s a short glimpse about the breed.

The breed dates way back to the ‘Jomon’ period which was between 14,500 BC to 300 BC, making it one of the oldest dog breeds. It is a Japanese breed whose name literally translates to ‘brushwood dog’ due to its original use in flushing game from brushwood areas. 

There is a very popular story of a dog named ‘Hachiko’ from Japan. Every day, Hachikō would walk his owner to the Shibuya Station and greet him again in the evening when he returned. Tragically, in 1925, Ueno died while at work. But Hachikō continued to return to the station every day for the next nine years, waiting for his owner's return.

While Hachiko was an Akita Inu, which is slightly different from a Shiba Inu, both breeds share similar traits. Shiba Inu, hence, has earned a reputation for being extremely loyal, affectionate, and deeply connected to their human companions. 

We can now start thinking of names for these dogs that best suit their personality. 

Best Shiba Inu Names

Here are the most popular names for Shiba Inu dogs. Let’s start with the ones inspired by the Japanese language. 

  • Shiba – You won’t have to answer to what is the dog’s breed

  • Inu – We know it literally means ‘dog’ but it sounds cute

  • Aki – Autumn 

  • Kumo – Cloud

  • Akira – Bright or Clever

  • Kaida – Little Dragon

  • Jiro – Second son; may sound weird if it’s your first or third though.

  • Ichiro – First son; unfortunately, there is no term for the third son. 

  • Satoshi – Wise; what these dogs are.

  • Hana – Flower; because it will surely add color and fragrance to your life

  • Sora – Sky; for you can always look up to it to brighten up your life.

  • Chiko – Wisdom or Knowledge

  • Amaya – Night Rain

Cute Dog Names for Shiba Inu

If you don’t want to go down the Japanese route, we have some other cute options for you.

  • Miso – Cute name for both male and female Shibas 

  • Cookie – Only that this one will make you happier

  • Tofu – No reason, just a cute name.

  • Noodle – This one will be healthy for you

  • Coco – For the color maybe?

  • Sheebs – This is how removing a few letters from the end and adding an ‘s’ to anyone’s name makes it cute, isn’t it? Barbara – > Barbs! 

Didn’t like any of the above names? Well, in that case, we have some more popular names for dogs. Some options for males are - 

  • Max

  • Charlie

  • Simba 

  • Loki

  • Moose

  • Ace 

We don’t have explanations for these, but these are the popular dog names for males.

For females, you could go with - 

  • Bella – You could add a ‘Chow’ to it

  • Lucy – Your Shiba will be as beautiful as Scarlett Johansson

  • Ruby – Just as precious 

  • Daisy – You could get yourself a flower

  • Stella – Just like the beer, it can freshen you up

Those are some pretty good options. If you’re looking for more, then, we would suggest ChatGPT but only if you are okay with a cliched name for your dog. We do trust you for picking a great name for your new buddy though. 

Should I Get a Shiba Inu?

We hope that you’re asking about the dog here and not the cryptocurrency. Because we may not the experts in the latter. However, about dogs, we seem to know quite a lot of things as there are times when there are more dogs than humans in our office.

Important is to know about its lifestyle, genetics, diet requirements, training and other physical needs, grooming needs, etc. If you are yet to get this beautiful four-legged baby to your family, here’s a quick manual for these Japanese dogs. 

  • Height – 13 – 17 inches; Weight – 17 – 23 pounds; Lifespan – 12 – 16 years.

  • Coat – Thick, double coat available in red, sesame, or black and tan.

  • Physical needs – Daily exercise is recommended. A few short walks a day may suffice.

  • Grooming needs – Regular brushing to remove dead hair and prevent mats is recommended. Regular brushing is better for preventing plaque build-up and hence gum disease and bad breath. Nail trimming and ear cleaning will be required once or twice a month. 

  • Diet requirements - ½ to 1.5 cups of high-quality vet-recommended dry kibble depending on the age and size of the dog. You need to break the quantity into 2 meals throughout the day.  

  • Health – Shiba Inus are predisposed to medical conditions like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, tail chasing, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and allergies among others.

  • Special attention – These dogs need adequate socialization, especially during younger ages, to prevent them from being timid or quarrelsome later. Shibas are also seen chasing small animals like squirrels as they were originally bred to hunt and flush small game such as birds and rabbits. Hence, they should always be kept on a leash when outside. They may refrain from wearing the leash but it’s for their safety. 

We have put together an entire article on the lifetime costs of these dogs as well. It talks about costs from adopting to one-time to annual maintenance, leading to lifetime costs. Check out ‘Shiba Inu breed guide’ before deciding. If you’ve already made the decision, it would help you budget your finances appropriately

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