Why Pet Insurance?

Can I Change My Pet's Insurance Policy?

When it comes to pet insurance, there are many options out there. You may have thought that an accident-only plan would be the best option at the time since your pet seemed quite healthy, then later realized that you wish you purchased a plan that covered unexpected illnesses too. The cost of potential unexpected vet bills could be in the thousands, and you may regret not getting a comprehensive plan down the road.

Can I Change My Pet's Insurance Policy?

Yes, you can change your pet’s coverage. However, there are a few important questions to consider:

We will address these questions, so you can be well-informed regarding what comes with changing your pet's insurance policy.

Different Types of Pet Insurance Plans

When you decide to get insurance for your pet, there are usually two plan options. You can either choose an accident-only plan or an accident and illness plan.

  • Accident-Only – Plans that cover the eligible costs of accident-related injuries, typically including broken bones, accidental poisoning, bite wounds, or swallowed objects. Annual exams, vaccines, and other routine care are not usually covered in base accident-only plans.

  • Accident and Illness - Plans that cover the eligible costs of conditions, typically including arthritis, diabetes, and other chronic conditions like cancer. Accident and Illness plans also cover eligible costs of injuries covered in an accident-only plan.

  • Preventive Care - Many providers offer optional add-on wellness coverage to cover the eligible costs of routine care, which may include annual exams, vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention, and spay/neuter surgeries.

Why Change Pet Insurance Coverage?

There can be several reasons why you want to change your pet’s insurance policy coverage. In this case, we are talking about changing the coverage for the plan you have with your current provider. Some reasons can include:

  • Upgrading from an accident-only plan to an accident and illness plan if your pet is aging and their chances of developing a medical condition in the future are increasing.

  • If you're moving and are concerned that your new environment might expose your pet to additional health risks, prompting you to want to add preventive care coverage.

  • You have had to pay illness-related veterinary expenses in full and would like to upgrade to a comprehensive plan with illness and preventive care coverage to help with the cost of future eligible expenses. (Please note that the illness plan will not cover pre-existing conditions.)

When Can You Change Your Pet Insurance Coverage?

Pet insurance policies are normally active for a one-year term. After the end of every term, most providers offer the option of changing your pet's coverage before renewing the policy. You also have the option to terminate your current policy and create a new one with a new provider.

You should contact your provider directly to learn if you can change your pet's coverage mid-term.

Can You Change Pet Insurance Mid-Term?

Now, in this case, we are talking about changing the annual coverage limit mid-policy. Annual coverage is the financial limit for claims paid out in a particular year, also called an annual limit. There can be cases where a provider applies a maximum limit for claims for a particular medical condition.

There can be several reasons to want a higher annual limit. While there is a way to do this mid-term, often it results in canceling your current policy and re-enrolling your pet in a plan with a higher coverage limit. This means there would be a new waiting period before your policy is active and any medical conditions that occur during this waiting would or during your previous policy would not be covered. These conditions would be considered pre-existing conditions.

When Do You Have to Inform the Provider About the Change?

When a policy’s term is over, it is usually renewed automatically. The terms of the renewed policy may change and can impact your monthly premium amount and the coverage limits.

If you want to change your coverage, contact your provider before your policy term ends, and let them know that you want to change your coverage before renewing your plan. If you want to cancel your policy, again, inform your provider before the end of your policy term.

How Does it Work at Spot?

For questions about upgrading or downgrading your pet insurance policy — including terms and conditions — please contact our customer service team at 1.800.905.1595 for more information. You can also make changes by logging into the customer portal at https://customer.spotpetins.com/portal#/login.


Annual coverage is the financial limit for claims paid out in a particular year. There are several reasons you may want to change your annual limit or coverage, like upgrading to an accident and illness plan from an accident-only policy. It’s always a good idea to speak to your provider about policy changes. There may be waiting periods applicable for policy changes or if you change providers.

You should examine your insurance policy after each term to help ensure that your pet has the coverage that is best for their needs and your budget.

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