Fort Collins, Colorado Pet Insurance

Fort Collins, Colorado is among the 10 best cities in the nation for dogs and their owners, according to If you’re among the city’s many pet parents, then you should be considering the benefits of pet insurance. After all, it covers eligible vet expenses, and can help save you thousands of dollars in costs. If you have questions about whether pet insurance is right for your furry loved ones, contact Spot today!

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Why You Need Pet Insurance in Fort Collins, Colorado

If you've ever had to pay for pet care in Fort Collins, then you probably know how expensive it can be. Pet insurance can help protect against unexpected costs so that you can worry less about the costs of getting your pet the care they need. We would suggest you read how does pet insurance work to get an in-depth knowledge of what it is and how you can benefit from it.

At Spot Pet Insurance, we do our best to provide the help you need to give your pets the best quality of life. We care deeply about your pet’s health and want to be there for you when it matters most. Learn more about what does pet insurance cover?

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a way of protecting your pets and your wallet against unexpected, eligible medical costs. It's not just about the big stuff like surgeries for accidents or cancer treatments – it's also about the other expenses that can add up quickly, like the ongoing cost of medication prescribed for covered conditions, or exam fees needed for an unexpected accident or illness. By having a pet insurance plan in place before something happens, you have help covering eligible expenses and potentially saving yourself thousands over time. Learn more about how much pet insurance is and does pet insurance is really worth it.

Spot Pet insurance plans are designed by pet parents for pet parents, and plans provided by Spot offer you benefits like:

  • Up to 90% Cash Back on Eligible Vet Bills

  • Visit Any Licensed Vet in the U.S. or Canada

  • 10% Multi-pet Discount for Added Pets

  • 24/7 Pet Telehealth Helpline by VetAccessTM

Pet-Friendly Outdoor Activities in Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado is an incredibly pet-friendly place to explore. From hiking trails to fun urban strolling, there are plenty of places to make memories with your furry bestie.

The most well-liked park in Fort Collins is Spring Canyon Park, which features two sizable, fenced areas with dog water, tunnel obstacles, shared tennis balls, and even a dog pond for swimming. Take them for a walk on one of the numerous nearby trails when they’re finished playing. Arthur's Rock Trail is great for hiking with your pup, as long as they are on-leash. You and your pet can also enjoy exploring local and distinctive shops while strolling Old Town's cobblestone streets. Your four-legged companion can find water bowls around the streets and sometimes even treats!



Spot Pet Insurance plans are a great option if you're looking for a way to help protect your pet’s health in Fort Collins, Colorado. Spot plans can help save you thousands of dollars on eligible vet costs while giving you peace of mind when it comes to your fur baby’s wellbeing.