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Can Dogs Eat Sushi?

The Japanese delicacy which has got a fan-following throughout the globe prepared from vinegared rice with mostly seafood like squid, eel, yellowtail, salmon, tuna or imitation crab meat, Sushi is on the top of the favorites list of a lot of people. And all these people, if dog owners, would be very tempted to feed the same to their loved puppies. But is sushi good for dogs?

Do Dogs like Sushi?

The ingredients in a Sushi are both juicy and crunchy which dogs usually have a liking for. Vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, etc. are the crunchy part that your dog would love. The vinegared rice also gets a little sweet taste which a dog would appreciate given its liking for all things sweet. But does that mean you should feed your dog a Sushi? The answer is Yes and No both.

Is Sushi good for your dog?

Lets talk about the ingredients of a Sushi.

  • Brown and white rice here are very nutritious for dogs. They are easily digestible and contain digestive fibres.

  • Cooked fish is again great for dogs as it contains good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids

  • Shrimp is full of Vitamin B3, vitamin B12 and phosphorous

  • Seaweed is again a nutritious food for dogs

  • Mangoes are high in fiber, vitamin A,C,E and B6

  • Carrots are healthy and good for the teeth

Let’s see the individual benefits of each of these nutrients:

Vitamins – are good for eyesight, especially when your dog is matured, as they help prevent cataracts and helps with night blindness and even dry eyes. They are essential fat-soluble vitamin that has functions supporting bone growth, reproduction, cellular differentiation and immune response in dogs. They also boost energy metabolism and assists skin tissue maintenance. For the young ones, they support their overall growth.

Omega 3 – Fatty acids – Just like for humans, they help in the brain development of young puppies. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help cure arthritis which in return helps a dog’s ability to fight cancer. Not to forget, the good things it can do for the dog’s heart and kidney.

Dietary Fiber – As the name suggests, it becomes a catalyst for your pup’s stomach and intestines. It not only helps in the regular digestion of food but can also help curing the symptoms of diarrhea and constipation.

They are other nutrients as well in Sushi. But does that mean they should be fed lots and lots of Sushi for them to stay healthy? The answer is – No.

How much Sushi is good for your Dog?

Humans tend to hog on Sushi because its bite sized serving. Once dipped in soy sauce, these became almost irresistible. And they don’t harm us humans as we have developed an appetite for it. Even 10-12 rolls in a sitting and we will be good. (Actually, great because it’s going to be very satisfying). But let’s not get carried away here and feed the same to dogs. While feeding Sushi to dogs, moderation is the key. 1-2 rolls and no more than once a week. Anyways most of our wallets won’t allow for more than that.

Let’s break this down according to the breeds and sizes of the dogs.

  • Extra-small dog (2-20 lbs.) = a small piece of Sushi a week

For e.g.: Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Pugs

  • Small dog (21-30 lbs.) = half a roll of Sushi a week

For e.g.: Basenjis, Beagles, Miniature Australian Shepherds

  • Medium dog (31-50 lbs.) = 1 Sushi roll a week

For e.g.: Basset Hounds, Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs, Siberian Huskies

  • Large dog (51-90 lbs.) = 1-2 Sushi rolls a week

For e.g.: Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Australian Shepherds

For e.g.: Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, St. Bernards, Great Pyrenees

How to feed Sushi to your dog?

While we humans have a big mouth for Sushi and can fit an entire roll at once in them, dogs are not meant for that. The best way to feed Sushi to your dogs is to break it in small pieces according to the recommended quantities. Avoid feeding a lot of it at once. It would also be better if the same recommended quantity is broken down to 2 servings rather than 1.

Potential health risks of Sushi for dogs

Now we have established that the ingredients in Sushi are good for health given their immense nutritional properties. But they do possess some risks for the dogs if not given in a proper quantity and form. They include –

  • Avocados – The nutrient rich vegetable is actually not so good for dogs and should be avoided

  • Tempura – For the fact that it’s a deep fried food, it is highly recommended that it be avoided as much as possible as it may not be as easily digestible for them as for humans

  • Raw Fish – It contains bacteria like salmonella or certain parasites which can cause a lot of problems for the dog’s skin and stomach. Also, a risk of transferring the fish diseases to the dog

  • Sauces – The spicy ones are the culprit here. For e.g., Wasabi, spicy mayo, soy sauce, etc. Not too good for dogs

  • Cream Cheese – Due to it being very high in fat, it can lead to obesity, heart problems and pancreatis for dogs. Do avoid.

  • Salmon – Sometimes sushi grade raw food like seaweed, salmon, fish can pose several threats like salmonella and listeria which could even be deadly at times. Avoid at all costs.

What can happen if your dog eats an unusual amount of Sushi?

Your dog too can become a fan of Sushi given its irresistible nature and can end up eating more than the recommended quantity while you are helping your wife doing some household chores or just lying down for a quick nap. If unfortunately, that happens, keep an eye out for the following symptoms on your pup. You should contact your vet right away if you see –

  • Constipation

  • Distended Belly – Swollen abdomen

  • Painful barks when lifting or touching the abdomen

  • Loose stools

  • Vomiting

  • Weight loss

  • Discharge from the eyes or nose

  • Fever

  • Increased heart rate, etc.


You can very well carry the Asian food culture to the dog world just keep it plain and avoid the red flagged foods. You can enjoy the Friday Sushi night with your dog and he will surely love it. After licking its Sushi, be ready to get your face licked and a long cuddle session from your lovely dog as a Thank you!

Happy Mood and Health to your Doggo and lots of Love and Licks to you!

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