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Puppyhood Insight 3: Tell Them What to Do, Not What To Do

Puppy training happens, whether you think you’re influencing them or not. Puppies, like kids, repeat whatever gets attention. Negative or positive? It often doesn’t matter. To a puppy, any behavior that gets your attention is worth repeating. Even when frustration sets in, many puppies view our deregulation as rough play, encouraging the unwanted behavior.

How to best train your puppy? Well, it’s better to focus on teaching them what to do, not what not to do. Here are several words to get started on.

Sit, Down, Place, Puppy Stay, Come, Wait, Watch, Toy, Chew and Fetch

Speak to your puppy clearly — like you’re talking to Siri or Alexa — and say the word as you’re doing the action. Staring down a puppy and repeating a new word won’t help them understand. Puppies can learn words, but only if they are paired to a behavior, like Sit, or a thing, like Toy. Positive encouragement for your puppy’s cooperation is the only way to go!

Need help with your puppy’s behavior? Sometimes If your puppy’s behavior causes extreme stress in your household and starts to hurt your bond, it might be time to consult an animal behaviorist or a vet. Your puppy’s treatment may be covered by SPOT Pet Insurance.

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