Pet Insurance to Help Your Pet & Pocket Thrive

From plan perks to plan price, help getting care for your pet is made simple, and you get up to 90% reimbursed on eligible vet bills for covered conditions.

10% Multi-pet Discount on all Additional Pets!

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“#1 Choice”


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How Spot Plans Looks Out For Your Pet’s Future

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Pick Your Vet

“Trying to locate a licensed vet that was covered by a Spot plan was much easier than we anticipated.”

Shelly S.

Choose Care Over Cost

“It’s a great feeling knowing I never have to worry or panic about my
 pets healthcare.”

Cory L.

Get Reimbursed Quickly

“Great experience with Spot Insurance. The claim process is very quick! You really get what you pay for”

Sandra C.

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Have questions about pet insurance and how it works? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What is the Best Age to Insure My Pet?

Plans provided by Spot don’t have an upper age limit for new enrollments or coverage. We advise all pet parents to insure their pets at a young age.  You can enroll your pet in a plan from Spot as soon as they’re 8 weeks old.  Don’t let your pet develop a “pre-existing condition” before they’re insured.

What do Pet Insurance Plans provided by Spot cover?

Spot Pet Insurance offers options for Accident-Only and Accident & Illness pet insurance plans. Spot plans offer an unlimited annual limit option, no per incident caps, and no lifetime caps.

Plans provided by Spot cover the eligible expenses for medically necessary veterinary treatments that are prescribed to treat your pet’s covered conditions.

You may use any licensed veterinarian in the US and Canada.

For a full list of terms and conditions, click here to view a sample policy.

When does coverage start after I enroll?

Spot plans have a 14 day waiting period for accidents and illnesses.

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"Spot has always had our back, it’s nice to know they’re part of our pack."

Taylor Manning

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