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How Tall is the Average Cat?

Cats can come in many shapes, sizes and appearances. Because of this variety, it may be hard for you to figure out how tall your cat will be when they’re fully grown. Although this number can vary based on a variety of factors, we have everything you need to know about the average size of house cats! 

Average Height 

Cats can vary in height for many reasons. The two biggest factors are their breed and their gender. The average male cat is around ten inches tall, while the average female is nine inches tall. This means that the average height of all cats comes to 9.5 inches.  

 However, the breed can change these measurements drastically. The tallest breed of cat is the Savannah: they average 17 inches tall. On the other side of the spectrum, the smallest breed is the Munchkin, and they average between five and seven inches tall.  

 How to Measure Your Cat’s Height 

Of course, it’s important to know how to measure your cat’s height in order to do it correctly. To figure out your cat’s height, you need to measure them while they’re standing on all four paws. Measure from the floor to the base of their neck, meaning you don’t factor their head into the measurement. This will give you their height! 

 When are Cats Done Growing? 

Cats grow at a faster rate than humans. You may have different expectations than the reality of their growth. Kittens will grow rapidly throughout their first year of life. Around the year mark, your cat will likely reach full height.  

 However, they aren’t done growing when they reach this height. Instead, they grow muscles and may broaden over their second year of life. This growth may add a small amount of height to them. You can say they are at their full height at around a year old.  

 How Long Are Cats? 

Your cat’s length is an entirely different measurement than their height and should be treated as such! Again, the length of your cat will vary based on their breed, gender, and individual genetics. However, the average domestic cat will be around 13 to 16 inches long.  

 Measuring Length 

It’s important to measure your cat the correct way because it may not be how you think! In order to accurately measure your cat’s length, you will want to measure from their nose to the base of the tail. This means you won’t include their tail in their length measurement!  

 What About the Tail? 

Your cat’s tail is typically left out of measurements for a couple of reasons. First, most cats won’t keep their tail still long enough to have them measured. Second, there are some cat breeds that don’t have a tail, so including the tail would make average lengths skewed.  

 If your cat does have a tail, it is usually around a foot long. Interestingly enough, this is about the same length as their body, minus their heads! The even length helps them have exceptional balance!  

Breed Specific Sizes 

As mentioned earlier, your cat’s size will vary based on what breed they are. The averages we’ve talked about so far are the average of all cats. Certain breeds can average much shorter or taller than “average.” Let’s look at some of the most popular cat breeds and see how tall they typically are! 


Bengal cats are known for being tall, lean and leopard-like house cats. These cats typically average between 13 and 16 inches tall, making them taller than average cats. Bengals are high-energy and incredibly muscular. Many people like them because they look like wild cats but are obviously much calmer and domesticated.  

Maine Coon 

Another larger cat that is known for its unique features is the Maine Coon. These cats are known for their thick, long fur, with even tufts of fur between their toes! A fun fact about these cats is that many Maine Coons have an extra toe on at least one paw, which can make their already large paws even bigger! These cats come in many different colors and average a height of up to 16 inches, making them much taller than the average cat.  


Sphynx cats have an incredibly unique appearance because they have a striking lack of fur on their bodies! These cats are known to be playful and social, sometimes acting more like a dog than a cat. However, don’t let their big personalities fool you! Sphynx cats average between eight to ten inches tall, making them on the smaller size of average.  

American Shorthair 

Honestly, when most of us think about house cats, the American Shorthair is likely what comes to mind first. However, these cats are purebred, making them different from your typical mixed-breed felines, which is a common mistake people make! These cats are known for being gentle and great around children and come in at an average size of eight to ten inches tall.  


Ragdoll cats get their name from the fact they tend to go limp when they’re picked up, much like the dolls their namesake comes from. These cats have long hair and striking blue eyes, making them stand out among other breeds of cats. They tend to follow their humans around like a dog and are loyal and friendly! Ragdolls come in a bit larger than the average cat, at 11 to 13 inches tall.  


Persian cats are known for their “smooshed” face and long fur. They need a lot of grooming in order to keep their fur in great shape. Otherwise, it may get matted. They have flatter faces than the average cat and come in almost any fur color imaginable! Plus, they are much larger than the “average” cat, coming in at between 14 and 18 inches tall! 


These tiny kitties are full of energy and sweet affection for anyone they meet. The Singapura is known for its short stature, large ears and bright eyes. They are very playful and talkative, making for plenty of entertainment for anyone from a child to senior citizens. Plus, they are much smaller than the average cat, coming in at only six to eight inches tall!  


Munchkin cats are a unique style of dwarf cat breed because their measurements come in very average until you reach their legs. Munchkins are known for their incredibly short legs and big personalities! They are incredibly social and friendly with people of all ages, including children. Their legs average three inches shorter than the average cat, meaning they are typically between six and seven inches tall!  


Every cat is different, and that includes their height. It’s important to know how to measure your cat correctly so you can accurately figure out their height and length. Keep in mind that these two measurements are different: height is measuring from the floor to neck when your cat is standing on all fours, while the length is nose to base of the tail.  

Your cat’s height may be different from the average based on their gender or breed, but that’s perfectly normal! As long as your kitty is healthy, it can be common for them to be taller or shorter than the “average” cat! 


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