Puppy Tips

Puppyhood Insight 2: The Certainties of Everyday Life

Puppies, like kids, are a disorganized lot. They need routines and repetitions to succeed. Often the best way to organize a puppy schedule is to create a master plan, i.e., a daily schedule, for everyone involved in caring for them.

Assign a word and a routine for every need so that the predictability of their daily life provides a sense of security and reassurance. When your puppy starts communicating their needs with nipping and frenzy, direct them to their spots instead.

• Set up a resting spot with comfortable blankets and chews for sleep.• Teach your puppy to go to the door or papers for pottying.• Lead them to their food and water dish for mealtimes.

Providing your dog with an organized schedule helps them lead a happy, healthy life. SPOT Pet Insurance may also be able to cover wellness and preventative care options to ensure your puppy’s well being.

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