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Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Your Zodiac Sign

When did we start associating our star signs with our beloved canine companions? We knew that as civilizations flourished and astrology became a guiding force in understanding human nature, people began pondering how the stars might influence their destinies. But does the cosmos even tell us whether a tall dog will be better for us or a small one with a curvy tail and brown coat? 

Maybe yes, maybe not. But if we were to conduct this exercise, we could surely find a lot of similarities between star signs and our doggies. Every dog breed has its unique nature, temperament, energy levels, etc. and so do people with different star signs. The stereotypes associated with each star sign may not be scientifically proven yet but we are talking about a subject of faith, so why not just go ahead? (Funnily, most of the time, our horoscopes do end up speaking the truth about us)

So, let’s begin the match-making! 

Which Dog Breed is Most Compatible with Aries?

Jack Russell Terriers Dogs

Full of passion, always seeking action, high levels of energy, fiery and fearless – that’s how people usually find Aries to be. A dog breed that looks like the perfect fit here to match their levels of energy and curiosity is – the Irish Setter. Even Jack Russell Terrier would not be a bad option here.

Is There a Dog Breed Compatible with Cancer?

Woman Cuddling With French Bulldog Puppy

Emotional, loving, protective and maybe a little moody as well – these adjectives can be used to describe both, Cancerians and Bulldogs. Both may seem grumpy on their face but are softies inside. Both tend to be very loyal to the ones they love. 

Which Dog Should a Libra Get?

Standard Greyhound

A Libra should get a breed that’s smart, friendly and easy-going but comes with an element of elegance and grace. A breed that comes to mind here is the Poodle. It is an intelligent breed that comes with distinct looks that come with lovely curls – the element of elegance. Both, Libras and Poodles, won’t mind uploading a hell lot of selfies on the gram. They could also go for the Bichon Frise, Greyhound or King Charles Spaniel. 

What Dog Breed is Best for Capricorn?

Tibetan Spaniel

Capricorns are known to be hard-working, sensitive, honest and like things to be in control. The Bernese Mountain Dog seems like a good choice here. They will provide the much-needed stability, loyalty and companionship that Capricorns value. The Tibetan Spaniel may also be a good option in that case. 

Dog Breed Most Compatible with Taurus

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Health Problems

Taureans are usually seen to be patient, relaxed and affectionate. They love the comfort of their homes. So do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. These super-chill and easy going dogs are perfect for them and for their love for the finer things in life. 

Dog Breed Most Compatible with Leo


Leos are like the opposite of Taureans – outgoing. Apart from that, they are also very bold and charismatic. Golden Retrievers can be a good choice for them as they are one of the most social dogs out there. Their playful nature will match with the Leos. Pomeranians and Leos may also make a good pair. 

Dog Breed Most Compatible with Scorpio

Siberian Husky

Scorpions are fiercely competitive. They are passionate, protective and someone who values deep emotional connections. Siberian Huskies look like a great match for them. With bold looks and dreamy eyes, these Huskies are also strong and protective but come with a very friendly nature. The ones with blue eyes may leave you mesmerized. 

Should an Aquarius Get a Dog or a Cat?

A hand is gently scratching a content-looking tabby cat under its chin next to a sunny window.

We’ll give you the reasons why an Aquarian may love a cat and a dog and leave the choice to you. The qualities that match between an Aquarian and a dog are – 

  • Outgoing and social nature

  • Adventurous spirit 

  • Caring

The reasons why an Aquarian should go for a cat are – 

  • Independent nature 

  • Low maintenance 

  • Intellectual stimulation

Having said that, there are cat breeds that will make you feel like you have a dog in the house and vice versa. We now leave the choice to you. 

Dog Breed Most Compatible with Gemini


Geminis come with a vibrant and versatile personality. They are energetic and love interacting with others. They are also very curious and love things that stimulate their intellectual side. Border Collie, the smartest dog breed, looks like a good fit here. Poodles can also make a great pet for them. 

Dog Breed Most Compatible with Virgo

Virgos are known for their practical and analytical nature. They value intelligence and dependability. Labrador Retrievers come with high levels of intelligence, loyalty and are well-behaved. They could make a great pair with Virgos. The Anatolian Shepherd can also be another great option for them.

Dog Breed Most Compatible with Sagittarius

A woman with curly hair and tattoos sits on a bench petting a Dalmatian dog.

Sagittarians are free-spirited, adventurous and optimistic. They prefer an active lifestyle and are always ready for their next adventure. The dog breed that can match these qualities is the Beagle. They come with high levels of curiosity and energy. Dalmatians and Miniature Pinscher can also be great options here. 

Dog Breed Most Compatible with Pisces


This can be a tricky one to answer as Pisces are more likely to be cat people. However, some dog breeds will make you feel like you have a cat in the house. Pisceans are gentle, empathetic, and intuitive. Pomeranian, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Greyhounds can make a great pair with them. 

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