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Exercise is one of the important parts of a dog’s routine be it any age, size, weight, or height. It is said that a tired dog is better behaved, calm, and more understanding. Exercising your dog not only benefits them but also benefits you in taking better care of your dog. Obesity is one of the biggest concerns faced by dogs. Taking your dog to the vet for an ideal weight goal and a current weight should be considered. This helps you understand your dog’s requirements be it a balanced diet, a daily walk, or a change in their treats. You ask how exercising helps your doggo’s health. We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of a few benefits of exercising and why every dog needs it.

1. Combats anxiety

Just like for humans, a good session at the gym or a long walk helps us clear our heads and put all that energy into something constructive, the same way dogs exercise reduces their anxiety levels in various ways. Lack of exercise can sometimes lead to stubborn behavior or damage to the house by letting it out. Destructive behavior can be combated through exercise.

2. Reduces the effects of aging

We can’t completely prevent our dogs from aging or from getting older, but we can surely take steps to help ensure that they are in good health even when they are older. Exercise not only helps your dog be smart but also helps with keeping at bay all age-related illnesses like obesity. Senior dogs can be taken on daily walks to help make sure they can move around and have fit bones. It is best to ask your vet what sort of exercise your dog needs so that you do not overdo it.

3. Workout for the mind

Exercise should not only be done by keeping in mind physical health but mental health should be considered as well. Creative ways should be used to make your dog exercise and also engage them in activities that keep their mind sharp at all times. An interactive workout or a new game helps them stimulate their brain and learn new ways to play. Just like we get bored of monotony, our dogs are not any different. They need to keep doing new things as well to keep them engaged.

4. Strengthens your bond

Your pets have the best potential to be your workout buddies. You can build a routine with them by pushing one another to exercise on the day you don’t feel like it. They will never cancel on you and you don’t need to put any effort, you can just get out of your house and build a routine with them. This can also help if your dog is obese and needs to lose a few pounds. There are enough YouTube and Instagram videos that can help teach you how to do yoga or a workout along with your dog.

5. Build socialization skills

Exercising may be good for the joints and the health of your dog but it also helps them build socialization skills. One of the best places to learn life skills is at a dog park or a playground where they can meet their peers. They can learn how to approach other doggos which may also lead to playmates. You can also meet other dog owners and socialize with them.

6. Your dog needs something to do

As you know every dog has a purpose be it hunting or keeping the mice away or herding. Your dog needs to be assigned something to do so that they can keep their minds fit. If they are not doing anything they may become lethargic or irritated, and this can lead to aggressive behavior. So let your dog work on their instincts and stimulate their brain.

Tips on exercising

To answer your question about how you exercise your dog? Here are a few ideas or ways in which you can make sure your dog gets some movement to help keep them healthy.

1. Playing fetch

Playing fetch does not need to be boring. You can spice up that game of fetch by making your dog run uphill to fetch the ball.

2. Hide and seek

On some days when you do not feel like stepping out, you can play indoor games like hide and seek and stimulate your dog’s brain as well as get some movement in their routine.

3. Hiking

Dogs love the outdoors and you can let your dog accompany you on a fun hiking trip or a forest trail to let them breathe some fresh air as well as enjoy the outdoors.

4. Cycling buddy

You can take your dog along when you are cycling. It may not be safe to cycle on roads but you can find a trail or a stretch that is empty and take your dog along.

5. Agility

Agility training may generally be done outdoors but you can try to perform these activities in your house by using household items like hoops or brooms or you can enroll them in classes where they can spend time with other doggos and make friends.

6. Stairs

If you have stairs at home, you can use them to help build muscles for your dog by making them run up and down. This is a great way to exercise on the days you can’t go outside. Take care and do not push them over their limit. Be careful if you have a Dachshund or a Corgi.


Just like we humans need some activity in life, so do our dogs. It’s a way of focusing their energy on something that benefits them daily. Try to build a routine so that they get used to it and start looking forward to it. Exercise benefits your dog and yourself in multiple ways. It is a good practice to be included in your dog’s life. It not only strengthens the bond between the dog and its owner but also has physical as well as mental benefits. So, make sure your dog gets enough exercise, play with them, take them on that hike, and go for that run. All you need is a companion and they are right there. If you are confused about the needs of your dog then consult your vet and make sure you are not overdoing it. What are you waiting for? Go have a good time with your doggo!.


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